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Name:  Sarah K.

Age: 29

Fav. BL Recipe: hands down the Bison Chili!! So tasty.

How did BL Help You 'find your inner bliss'?: 

I found Lauren on Instagram and her energy and spirit about living “well” really shined.  She's incredibly passionate and motivating.  I suffer from severe exhaustion as a result of an auto-immune disease.  It had taken over my life and apart from prescription medication, there wasn't much doctors were offering me to help combat fatigue.
Lauren's coaching/feedback and her recipes taught me healthy eating habits that are easily applied to my own cooking. I never felt deprived of anything and wasn't expected to.
In three months of work together Lauren gave me my energy back!  I’m active up to 5 times a week!  Sarah three months ago could barely finish the work day, let alone go to the gym afterwards.
Name: Stacy B.
Age: 38
Fav. BL Recipe: I couldn't pick just one...The morning smoothies. This is a game changer.  I never thought it would keep me full through the morning, but it does!  Not only do I feel satiated through the morning, I have energy and I don't get shaky like I used to around 10 am!
How did BL Help You 'find your inner bliss': 
In the past I felt like I was always the 'big eater' of my friends & even though I knew what good choices were I defined myself as someone that couldn't make them. After the Whole Body Reset program I look at diet as a lifestyle change that i'm capable of!

Name: Ann

Age: 39

Fav. BL Recipe: All the BL Protein Smoothies! These smoothies have changed how I eat. I used to eat every 2-3 hours and now these protein smoothies keep me full for 4-5 hours. It is so freeing not to have to carry around snacks all the time and to feel satisfied and full from a protein smoothie. They are delicious and I keep experimenting with new flavors.

How Did BL Help You 'find your inner bliss': The Whole Body Rest Program changed my outlook on nutrition and exercise by showing me it is a journey and not a quick fix. This program didn't just focus on losing weight, but instead peeling back the emotional behaviors that drive my relationship between food and exercise. I've always been an "all or nothing" type when it comes to eating clean and exercising. This program showed me that it is about learning what drives your emotions and how to be mindful about every choice I make. I learned how to forgive myself when I splurged but also to pick up the pieces and start over the next day, not sabotaging all my hard work. I have choices to make every day and it is all about finding the balance. I have learned how to eat clean and treat myself to food/drinks I'm craving. It is no longer about being "good" or having a "cheat day." Instead, it is about finding the balance each day, and even within each day. I can't tell you how freeing this program has been for me and my outlook on food and my body. I went into this program thinking, "Ok, 10 weeks, 10 pounds," but it didn't work that way. It was much slower as I learned new ideas about food, workouts, myself, and how to find the balance. Some weight came off, but it was much more about changing the core of my thinking and behaviors. It really is a Whole Body program.


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