one-on-one wellness coaching

Introductory Services:

  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • Eating Habit/ Lifestyle Assessment
  • Establishing personal goals & sustainable ways to meet them


  • Personalized Grocery List
  • Personal Weekly Meal Plan
  • Check-Ins (2 per month)
  • 1-on-1 Support System/ Accountability
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A 6-week online wellness program for the babe who wants a truly healthy body, mind & soul


  • Lifetime access to the BL Community Dashboard which houses all your nutrition, movement, & mindfulness tools
  • 6 digital classes that incorporate nutritional, emotional, and mindful components for ultimate wellness
  • Access to pro insight from 4 health and wellness experts
  • Support inside an invitation-only online community to share struggles and successes
  • Live calls each week from Lauren inside the community
  • Workout videos/ PDFs, journaling prompts & recipes each week for 6 weeks
  • A lifestyle & body transformation that will challenge you to find your best self


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whole body reset
  • A 10 week nutrition & healthy lifestyle program hosted at Seacoast Sports Clubs.
  • We meet each week for an hour & a half.
  • 40 minutes of nutrition knowledge & 50 minute workout of the week to help you meet your wellness goals.
  • Accountability, group setting, habit evaluation, personal goals.


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