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BL Strong AF Killer Workout

This killer workout has been a long time coming because if you guys follow on Instagram you know, as I was editing the video it was completely erased from my iMovie only to be found in the archive files a week later! #WINNING {do people still say that?} 🙄

BL HIIT Workout

Hi ladies! First off, Happy International Women’s Day! You all are so kick ass, beautiful {inside & out}, motivating, and inspiring.

High Intensity Sweat Sesh Full Body Workout

I hopped off the high intensity workout train when I started strength training regularly because truthfully I felt strength training was more bang for my buck and more my speed {I personally dislike the gasping for breath feeling, but some live for it}.

The Stretching Sequence That Gets Me Through the Day

I don’t think there’s a question I get more often then “What do you do for stretching?”. Stretching has interestingly enough been on lots of peoples minds lately, not sure whether it was with the new year or that foam rolling/ stretching sequences have been big in social media lately but I thought why not give you guys my stretching goods!

I like to stretch twice a day, once before my workout and then once through out the day to loosen up from sitting at my desk all day long. Looking down at our phones and hunching over at our desks I feel is perpetuating a chronic neck problem in our society and i’m a bit scared to see what the younger generations posture is going to look like if we don’t take steps to actively reverse this!

This little stretching flow below is just something to get you moving mid work day or pre workout. This can be run through as many times as you like {I like to go through it 3-5 times depending on time} stopping in between each for a few deep breaths.

High Reach {stretches out the chest, abs, shoulders}

BL stretching sequence

Forward Fold {stretches out the hamstrings, calves}

BL stretching Plank

Step back into plank

BL stretching chaturanga

Chaturanga {warms up the shoulders/spine}

Bl up dog stretching

Updog {stretches out the core, hip flexors & quads}

BL dog dog stretch

Downdog {stretches out the shoulders, hamstrings, calves & lats}

bl hip flexor stretching

Low lunge {stretches out the hip flexor, quads & calves}

blissfully lively twist stretching

Twisting Lunge {spine, mid back & chest}

BL hip flexor stretching

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch { stretching hip flexor & quads}

BL hamstring stretch

Hamstring Stretch {stretching hamstrings, calves & glutes}

bl hip circles stretch

Hip Circles

BL Arm Circles Stretch

Arm Circles



Looking for more ways to stay active? Check out the The Six Basic Movement Patterns!

Lower Body: Squat Exercises

Squats might be my most favorite and most despised exercise ever… well other than lunges! I can work my core all day but squats are a serious killer for me. Then again I’ve got to love them because they’re the back to basics movement that makes the legs and butt look seriously strong.

As I told you guys in my previous hinge exercise post these exercises are going to be a slow roll out to allow you time to practice them, find your favorites and input them into the BL workout outline the way that feels right for you. So if you haven’t already grab the outline, head to the six basic movement patterns post and read up on all the movement patterns and how to structure your workout! I hope these articles give you the tools to create a workout that makes you feel strong and motivated to live a healthy and happy life!

Squat Exercises

Goblet Squat

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Keeping your chest up, shoulders back and core tight bend you knees and lower your body into a squat position, stand straight back up. If you can complete this move correctly without any weight continue on to the goblet squat. Pick up a dumbbell and hold it vertically {by the bell part} grasp it with both hands and hug it in towards your chest, with your chest up shoulders back and core tight complete the squat movement and then stand straight back up.

BL Goblet Squat

Bl Gob Squat

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Start facing away from a bench, box, etc. with dumbbells in each hand. Reach one leg back behind you to the bench and rest the top of your foot on the bench. This should require you to adjust your front foot so you are balanced. With your chest up, shoulders back and core tight descend down controlled until your back knee almost touches the floor. Push through your front foot and drive back up to starting position. Continue for desired amount of reps.

BL Split Squat

Split Squat

Single leg squat

This squat is definitely the most advanced version of the 3. I would recommend completing this after you feel very comfortable with the above 2 moves. The weight is used to counterbalance yourself, and is actually a modification to a strict pistol squat which you could complete once this seems easy.

To perform the single leg squat shown below stand on a bench feet hip width apart with 5-10 lb weight plate hugged in at your chest. Extend one leg out in front of you and extend the weight plate in front of your chest at arms length. Descend your body slow and controlled down into a squat keeping your chest up and knee from going over your toes. Push through your foot and back up until you are standing, regain your balance and complete as many reps as desired.

blissfully lively squat

single leg squat BL

As you can tell above I didn’t add in weight or reps because these exercises and the workout outline are supposed to be tailored to you. This is going to take some trial and error but it is important to figure out what works best for your body. I use a different weight with all of these exercises adjusting to what feels comfortable for me given the amount of reps.

If I was doing goblet squats sets of 5 I would use a higher weight say 55 lbs but if I was doing sets of 8 I would chose something around the 45lb range. How much you can hold and how strong your arms are is also going to determine the weight. Your legs might be very strong, but your arms much weaker, which means you could be holding less weight which might not seem as challenging on your legs but definitely working your arms, chest, back to keep yourself upright and in proper form.

As always if any of this feels confusing, you try the exercises but are confused on form, or you just want to talk through it more don’t hesitate to shoot me an email I always love to help!






Lower Body: Hinge Exercises

Finally! We have made it to the point in the blog where I can actually demonstrate exercises that you can import into the BL Workout Outline. I have been waiting a super long time to give you guys all the goods but obviously I can’t overwhelm you with it all at once, so a slow roll out it will be!

This week I am sharing with you some of the most effective hinge exercises that can be imported into your daily workout, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Below there are hinge variations for any level, this being said if you are a beginner {new to working out all together, or just picking it back up after some time off} I would suggest completing these moves a few times through without any weight at all. Allowing your body to understand how it should feel in proper form without adding any weight.

Ok, lets do this!

Hinge Exercises

Trapbar Deadlift: Stand inside the center of the loaded trap bar and grasp both handles. Lower your hips keep your chest up and begin the movement by driving through the ground with your feet, hinging at your hips and refraining from rounding your back standing straight up.

Blissfully Lively Hinge

Trap bar deadlift hinge exercise

hinge exercise trapbar deadlift

From the front:

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift {SL RDL}: Start in standing position with all weight on one leg, bend forward keeping a flat back {you want to think of your backside as a straight line from your head to your toes}, keeping the dumbbell close to your body, lower it down to around knee/shin range and stand straight back up, slow and balanced. Planted leg can have a little flexion when performing the move.

BL Hinge Exersices SLRDL

Hip Thrust: Rest your upper back on a bench with feet planted hip width apart and raise you hips so they are in line with your knees and chest, making a straight line from you head all the way to your knees. Lower your hips until your butt almost touches the floor beneath you and slowly raise back up to starting position. Keep your neck packed {not allowing it to crane forward}.

Bl hip bridge hinge exercise

Bl hip bridge hinge

Hip Bridge Hinge Exercise

Single Leg Hip Thrust:

Single Leg Hip Bridge

I hope the demonstration of these hinge exercises was helpful and you all start testing them out to get the feel for which exercises work best for you. If you haven’t already hop on over and download the BL Workout Outline HERE so you are ready to start importing exercises once all the demonstration posts are live!






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