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my story

I started Blissfully Lively in 2014 as a blog, essentially an outlet to share my personal wellness journey with other women on theirs. At the time I was a full time college student working my way through school to support myself which meant taking jobs that just "paid the bills" & putting myself last on the priorities list.

Needless to say stressful late nights & endless bowls of pasta {hello penny pincher} was my jam. Until I realized I didn't need to be living this way.

I quit the jobs that weren't lighting me up, began fueling my body with whole foods & made movement a daily part of my life and my world truly changed.

Fastforward 3 years, a nutrition certification tons of life lessons & countless client one-on-ones I have morphed Blissfully Lively into a wellness brand that helps women find their inner bliss through programs, blog posts, podcasts & events.

Pasta still might be my jam every once in a while {I mean who can turn down homemade bolognese?} but living a happy balanced life where I am number one is everything.

Allow me to help you find your inner bliss here...

the BL philosophy

The Blissfully Lively Philosophy is centered around happiness, understanding & awareness of what works best for YOU. The more aware we become of daily movement, meals & well being, the more understanding we become of our uniqueness & the more hell bent we become on finding our true inner happiness {Or I like to call it BLISS}. Here at BL I want to give you the wellness knowledge to put into practice in your daily life to become the happiest self loving version of yourself!

what does this look like in real life

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  1. Priscilla Emerson

    Lauren, I just received the affirmation cards that you and Jackie created. They are wonderful. I love the art work and the affirmations are very thoughtful. Thank you both. (BTW I am John’s stepgrandmother. That make me a bit prejudiced, I suppose, but I’m sure I would like them anyway!)
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Priscilla!

      I am so glad you love your affirmation card deck! Thank you for sharing! <3


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