Happy snowy Saturday ladies! This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me with 2 HUGE ASS Nor’easter snow storms resulting in a bit of time to reflect. I checked out the blog analytics {aka numbers, popularity of posts etc.} and was kinda blown away.

You guys are really into learning more about me {the about page of the blog was the most view in 2016 month to month}. Interesting because I feel like i’m boring LOL. I feel it weird to share a lot about myself but whenever I do you guys love it. SO obviously this caused me to think and shift things a bit.

Wanna know what posts got the least amount of views? The exercise specific workout posts. Like not even in the top 5… so I took this info seriously to heart and am having a bit of a change of mindset. I think I tried to throw a little too much info at all of you because of my serious excitement to get this thing started and was going about it in the wrong way. Blog posts with lots of words sometimes make people NOT want to read, so fitness wise I’m going to be turning things on their head.

Instead of promoting workout templates, long exercise specific posts & preachy “this is what you SHOULD be doing” posts I’m going to slow it down a bit. Step back and give you guys more of an interactive fun experience.

So what does this mean?

Going forward I will be posting more workout videos for you guys, motivational interviews & bomb ass healthy recipes. Taking away long ass posts & exercise specific scientific fitness BS that I don’t feel like resonates. I’m also working on an awesome Month to Month workout PDF & weekly workout videos that will be posts to the BL Facebook page. Stay tuned for the big things that are coming.

Ok, now read on to learn lots more about my wellness favs this week!

  1. Exercise & Diet Based on Your Cycle:  why don’t we actually take this idea more seriously?? We all just push through thinking well this is what we’re supposed to feel like, right? So crazy how we forget that hormones are a thing and if your body is feeling bloated, crampy, etc. Maybe we should tone down the strength training and take it easy? Or could we quite possibly need more carbs during that time of the month? Check this article out for an in-depth breakdown of how to workout and eat based on hormones.
  2. This 105 Year Old Cyclist: This old man is my hero! The New York Times published this article of 105 year old Robert Marchand who broke a record for how many miles biked in 1 hour. Marchand biked 14 miles in 1 hour breaking a record for the most miles biked by someone 105 and over. If my cardio vascular system can be this strong at 105 I will be pumped! This dude is killing it, defying the odds and staying active for one purpose and one purpose only, to live longer and be healthy! LOVE THIS.
  3. How to Find Self Love in 20 Mins: Well & Good always coming up with my favorite fricken articles! I should have written this article myself, I mean with the BL Self Love Movement you guys know I adore this. We all have 20 minutes a day to utilize it’s just dedicating it to ourselves that makes the difference! Being able to sit still with yourself and your thoughts is so important. A lot of times we make ourselves busy, we glorify busy because we don’t want to sit down and be alone with ourselves, get real with our selves and figure out who we are!
  4. A Women’s Only Wellness Club: HOLY SMOKES you guys I am obsessed with this idea. This wellness space was created by a doula and a women’s circle facilitator who wanted to bring women together to “recharge and amplify their energy in order to learn, heal and act as one another’s pep squad.” They offer moon circles, meditation, pre/post natal workshops and more. Sadly it’s only offered in the LA area but lets hope more of these will be popping up. #GIRLGANG



Feelin’ inspired by 105 year old Robert and want to kick your ass? Check out my BL Bootcamp Workout!