I thought making mindfulness the subject of this wellness spotlight was fitting considering the impending holiday approaching and gifting/ doing good for others is certainly on the brain. I have listed a few of my favorite mindfulness info from around the web whether they be articles to read w/ info on mindfulness or places to donate, anything that sparks some good vibes!

As always mindfulness is something that I think should be practiced year round, not just during the cheery holiday season but given my high spirits lately I thought why not throw up this post to give people a little inspiration to do good.

  1. What Your Body Needs Most During the Holidays: Mindfulness doesn’t just mean giving to others but to yourself as well. This Mind Body Green article talks about self loving being super important as well. Take a few minutes out of everyday to do something for yourself they give examples including yoga, reiki, journal, mediation, working out.
  2. Well & Good How to go on a Digital Detox: In this article Well & Good chats about the benefits of digital detoxing, how to do it & why you should. You can bet I will be putting my phone away for much of Chris & I’s Christmas ski vacation this year to spend uninterrupted time with my family. Try it even for just a few hours. How liberating! Stop relying on your phone to capture a memory and actually be there, be present in the moment to remember it for yourself.
  3. The Happiness Project Do You Want My Taxi?: This is an article/ podcast episode of how one small deed of giving up her taxi left a life changing memory she will never forget. Take a read into why small maybe meaningless efforts on your part might make someones day!
  4. The Happiness Project Setting A Holiday Intention: Another Gretchen Rubin podcast & article about doing good for others and setting an intention for this holiday season whether that be “i’m not going to let Aunt June work me up” or “I’m going to practice the 80/20 rule