Happy weekend! Woah it feels like such a long time since i’ve updated you guys on whats happening in wellness.

Lots of changes have been going on to the blog/ website so actually writing a post has taken kind of a backseat.

If you guys didn’t notice the blog has officially changed over to the Blissfully Lively website offering in home meal prepping in the Seacoast NH area and nutrition coaching with the blog being an option instead of the whole service.

Now no one panic! I absolutely love blogging and am going to continue to blog 3 times per week posting healthy recipes, motivational interviews, workouts & mindfulness tips. The reason for this change honestly came a bit out of the blue.

Bl Meal prep

I began in home meal prepping for a family that had posted a “searching for a chef” ad on a local nannying/ home care/ babysitting website and I applied for the job thinking it would be a fun way to make some cash on the side while blogging. What I didn’t know is how much I would love it, how much love I would feel for helping people get healthy one one one, and how there isn’t anything like it in my area.

I began thinking about adding it into a service on the blog but as days would go on and I couldn’t stop thinking about the necessity for a private at home meal prepping service I had to do something.

I decided to morph Blissfully Lively into a space that offered a way to in person help people on their wellness journey. So the new BL was born, a space where I can help people one on one with curating healthy whole food meals in their home while also nutrition coaching them to reach their goals. BUT never losing sight of the online community and presence I am trying to build, by writing weekly blog posts and constantly growing my Instagram community.

I am so incredibly excited to get this new business adventure started! Please take a peek at the services page if you or anyone you know is interested in a little help along their wellness journey!

Ok, so now that that’s been chatted about, time to get up to speed on everything that has been happening in wellness this week! I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing weekend!

  1. Holistic Beauty Routine: I found this article on Well & Good’s site and I could not stop reading it. This holistic approach to skin and beauty is so interesting! I loved the idea of rubbing aloe, cucumber and turmeric ice cubes on your face pre events to cut down on redness. Read on to learn more all the tips and tricks to holistic skincare and if you’re feeling like splurging on a few products head to Bell Mountain Naturals, Sarah York our podcast interviews website, and purchase a few there!
  2. A Health Coaches Take On Weight Loss: A little MBG article on quick fixes, how to stay far away from them and what ideas to implement instead from a health coach that lost 95lbs!
  3. When Should You Be Hydrating: Well all the time, but Mind Body Green is saying first thing in the morning is the best time because of the resting and detoxifying process your body goes through at night! You ladies know how much I love the benefits of drinking water, so why not look cute while doing it? Snag a BL “Live Blissfully” Glass Water bottle and drink up!
  4. Chip Gaines Restoration Revelation Blog: This article was written in January but I just came across it yesterday as I was binge reading Joanna Gaines blog, which by the way is phenomenal! This article made me tear up a bit and I really enjoyed hearing Chip’s take on this year and his immense compassion. The article talks a bit about Chip and Joanna’s drive to bring us all together, to restore the community and work together whether you agree or disagree with someone, are the same skin color, have the same religious beliefs, etc! It’s a must read!