Happy Friday! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a wellness spotlight post but we’re back in action and with lots of good wellness info for you!

Keep reading until the end because I have a bit of a surpriseeee! I love all you babes that follow along and I want to show my appreciation for you guys! I hope you learned a little somethin’ in this post that can brighten your day or week!

If you guys don’t know by now…I have a serious girl crush on Kelly Leveque…aka nutritionist to the stars like Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler etc! & known for her famous Fab. 4 smoothie which is a similar recipe to the BL smoothie! Kelly is seriously a nutrition genius and if you guys are looking for a little more sciencey based knowledge but don’t want your brain to hurt, listen to this podcast. She gives the inside scoop on hunger hormones, body image & our protein obsession. It’s the best.

  • This BL comment 🙌🏼 {in response to the “fat rolls” story I told on Insta Stories}

YOU GUYS this article was meant to enter my life. I have realized recently I have been spending so much money on groceries & with being newly married {AKA just spent my life savings on a wedding} we’re trying to cut back on spending. Food is always my first thought & since I’m a food snob this can sometimes be hard. This article explains tons of ways to cut down that grocery list & spend less at the store!

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@Connie_Chapman!!! I started listening to a podcast called Soul Sparks {which you also need to listen to, it’s so calming if you have a long commute} and the host was interviewing Connie. They talked about being your authentic self, stepping into who you are & owning it, and also really dove deep into starting a business and how to help others but not feel like a marketing scammer. It was a genius episode so I began following Connie. Connie is essentially a life coach that hosts tons of workshops & online forums & she’s basically a Zen rockstar. She also has a podcast called Awakenradio. She’s the jam…go follow! Her wisdom is unreal.

Also P.S. BL has hit 2k on Instagram! Holy smokes! I know to some this might not seem like a ton of followers but I have worked so hard this last year to grow this community from a small 800 to now over 2,000 followers! I love each and every one of you that shares, comments & likes BL content. So excited and lucky to be able to create this content for you all!


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