As I have always told you guys I am here to inspire, motivate and help you along your wellness journey, and that doesn’t just mean in the gym.

I felt like given the time of year {post holiday, new years resolutions, etc.} and the Women’s March being this weekend it was time to remind all of you beautiful, talented, strong ladies just how important you are!

I know life can get in the way, work piles up & we begin to move ourselves farther and farther down the priorities list never stopping to remind ourselves of how much we matter!

It is such a hard skill to learn and I am slowly {like turtle slow} beginning to realize that without my own sanity and personal well being I can’t begin to care for anyone else. That without loving who I am deep down and putting that time and energy into making me the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of myself I won’t be anything for anyone else.

This movement is to help remind every women reading this {or the flyers} that you are capable. Capable of pulling it together, capable of toughing it out, capable of getting through the hard times, capable of loving yourself! AND that no matter what is happening in life you aren’t alone, someone else is going through the same thing and might need some help lifting themselves up like you did!

This movement is me extending kind words out to anyone struggling in hopes that those kind words will be passed through a space {social media} that gets flooded with negativity on the daily. My hopes are that this kindness will be the light that some need in their day, will be the imperfectly curated square that makes them think instead of just double tap.

The flyers will be hung around the Portsmouth, NH area in local coffee shops, but with the power of social media I hope their message spreads far and wide.