Happy Saturday! I hope your day is filled with fun, relaxing and lots of good eats. I feel like sometimes I underestimate my love for food to your guys. Who else thinks about their next meal the moment they’ve finished their current meal…..GUILTY. Anyway Chris and I went to a concert last night and lets just say I ate all the things & was not quite pleased with myself. But today is a new day and starting fresh is in order.

Speaking of starting fresh. I have another mindfulness template for you guys. I have had so many comments, DM’s and personal messages about the morning mindfulness template completely changing peoples lives which is unreal to me. A little something that i’ve begun practicing and shared with you guys has made such an impact and I just adore hearing the ways you use the template to better your life! A few examples:

Nightly Template BL

Nightly Template Blissfully Lively

BL Nightly Template

This nightly template was something I created after a pretty bad day. Actually if we want to be specific, a meltdown crying like a baby eating Justins Chocolate PB cups while watching Shameless sort of day….Ya feel me?

As I was sitting there wallowing in my own sorrows over a stressful day I began thinking about what was really upsetting me & trying to turn it around to think about the positive things going on in my life to snap me out of this funk.

This is where the pit & peak nightly template was born.

I think of this as an extension of the morning mindfulness template but something that you can do to REFLECT on you day. So one sets you up to have a fantastic day and the other reminds you and checks in with you on how that day affected you!

I hope you all use the PDF, take this template and write it out in your own notebook & best of all share with your loved ones. Promoting whole being wellness & spreading positivity is my thing and I want as many people as possible to utilize these tools!

Download Nightly Mindfulness  PDF HERE


Love you all!