Ok so before you do anything if you haven’t read Wedding post part 1 …DO IT!

& then come on back here for the rest of the deets. You guys as I am sitting here writing this I realized our wedding was one month ago tomorrow. CUE ALL THE FEELS. Idk if there is anything like your wedding day {well probably when you have kids, or that feeling when Tom Brady Wins the Super Bowl & then the next day is depression} because the experience was like none other.

{PS If you really want to see the wedding video, scroll to the bottom cause there are so many photos}

{Our flowers were STUNNING, We used The Flower Room in Dover NH}

The happiest day of our lives surrounded by all of our most favorite people. To have all of your favorite people in one place at the same time loving on and support you is such an unreal feeling.

SO as most of you know the day of the wedding was bit SCARY. We were in for some serious thunderstorms the whole day & it held off until about 2pm when we were going to do family pictures and our first look. Needless to say I was a hot mess express freaking out about our ceremony as it was completely outside!

Luckily the universe fricken knew & stopped the rain at 3pm and cleared right on up into blue skies. Chris and I were able to do our pictures before and the ceremony was at 4pm.

Seeing Chris before anyone else, allowing us a little time to ourselves for a first look was probably my most favorite part of our whole wedding. His face when he saw me for the first time was so cute & immediately calmed me down. It was just a nervous excitement all day long so I totally recommend seeing each other and doing a first look w/ pictures before the ceremony!


Dozens of people told us our ceremony was the best they had ever been to…SO flattering and nice as Chris’s Aunt married us. She told our whole love story, how we met & struggled through 4 years of Chris being 3 hours away at school to now, where we are both living our happiest lives, loving and pursuing our passions. It was so amazing, lasted no longer than 15 minutes start to finish {long ceremony’s are such a drag sometimes} & had me jumping for joy…LITERALLY, SEE BELOW


{Chris’s reaction to me walking down the aisle was the cutest thing everrrr}

Our wedding was generously hosted by my aunt and uncle who own a fruit farm in NH {Butternut Farm} If you’re ever in need of some pick your own delicious fruit! Their land is so beautiful and meant so  much to us as Chris grew up 10 minutes from the farm, always going a few times a summer to pick fruit w/ his family & it being my aunt and uncles farm who I am super close with. We knew it was the perfect place!

We lucked out that the rain passed right on through and our cocktail hour and reception boasted a GORGEOUS double rainbow. We opted out of doing cake cutting and long speeches, leaving our reception to the fun part, dancing, mingling, playing yard games and enjoying DELICIOUS Cajan BBQ.

We substituted cake for Apple Cider Donut Sundaes {Chris’s favorite dessert of all time} and everyone loved it.

I’m so glad we went nontraditional on so many of our wedding decisions including cake cutting, my walking myself down the aisle, no mother or father dances etc. We just wanted it to be a huge party filled with love and positivity for us!

My family are huge dancers so the dance floor was packed once it got dark into the night dancing to such fun songs. Around 10pm Chris and I’s college friends surprised me and all the guests with a huge fireworks show over the farm. It was so thoughtful and so much fun to experience this way of ending the night!

{Blurry late night photos ARE MY FAV from the night}

Chris and I left 2 days later for our mini honeymoon to Maine and we kept saying the whole time “The wedding was the best day of our lives but there was just something about it” I think that something that we realized was yes, your wedding is the best day of your life BUT when you’re in a committed happy loving relationship and have such a happy life together it just feels like another day of living together, making life the best it can be.

But i’ve gotta say Chris having a ring on and officially being mine for life WAS PRETTY AMAZING!

Watch the whole video below of our special day!

Wedding Photos by: @Rayaonassignment

Wedding Video by: @seacoastflash

P.S. Don’t worry I will totally do a “what you need to know while planning a wedding”, “The best wedding Hacks ETC” Post or Insta Live for all you engaged babes <3