HIII Babes! I’m back & a married women…

The wedding flew by in a blink and I’m sitting here wondering how it all came together & then ended so quickly. It literally was the best day of my life and I can’t wait to do a post or 2 all about it. {probably in a week or so}…. for now I will give you a sneak peek or 2 👇🏼

BL Morning Mindfulness


Morning Mindfulness BL

BUT I am here to give you what you all have been asking for! My favorite Morning Mindfulness Check List.

I chatted with you guys about how to create a morning routine, and my favorite routine currently {if you haven’t read it, its a good one!}. Basically I gave you guys the gist on how drinking some tea, sitting with my thoughts & starting my day slower helps set me up for a more successful day & you all loved it. So thanks for that feedback!


You also have all been “screenshotting” my Morning Mindfulness Check List on Insta Stories so I decided to bring it here in super cute BL PDF format for you to download & add to your phone to complete each morning!

I complete this check list after my morning meditation to remind myself of things i’m grateful for, any to do’s I want to accomplish during that day, A few positive affirmations & my most favorite a personal biography.

This biography should read like one on the back cover of your favorite book, but about you. This one can be hard but I think it’s so useful in daily visualization of your goals. If someone were to summarize your life and your accomplishments for 50 year old you, what would it look like? Here is an example.

“Sally Jane is a world renowned business coach, New York Times Best Selling author of her book ‘Smart Money’ & business educator for her 1 million plus community of millennials. She resides in Southern California with wife Janis & 2 beautiful children. Her net worth is $2 million.”

I will continue to share my Mindfulness check list on Insta stories to give you guys a better idea of how to craft these up if you’re feeling stuck. I made the PDF editable so you can download adobe pdf reader for your iPhone and input your answers each day, saving and redoing the next time you complete your mindfulness routine in the AM.

To download click the title below & save to your phone or computer!

BL Mindfulness Check List

BL Mindfulness Template