Finally! We have made it to the point in the blog where I can actually demonstrate exercises that you can import into the BL Workout Outline. I have been waiting a super long time to give you guys all the goods but obviously I can’t overwhelm you with it all at once, so a slow roll out it will be!

This week I am sharing with you some of the most effective hinge exercises that can be imported into your daily workout, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Below there are hinge variations for any level, this being said if you are a beginner {new to working out all together, or just picking it back up after some time off} I would suggest completing these moves a few times through without any weight at all. Allowing your body to understand how it should feel in proper form without adding any weight.

Ok, lets do this!

Hinge Exercises

Trapbar Deadlift: Stand inside the center of the loaded trap bar and grasp both handles. Lower your hips keep your chest up and begin the movement by driving through the ground with your feet, hinging at your hips and refraining from rounding your back standing straight up.

Blissfully Lively Hinge

Trap bar deadlift hinge exercise

hinge exercise trapbar deadlift

From the front:

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift {SL RDL}: Start in standing position with all weight on one leg, bend forward keeping a flat back {you want to think of your backside as a straight line from your head to your toes}, keeping the dumbbell close to your body, lower it down to around knee/shin range and stand straight back up, slow and balanced. Planted leg can have a little flexion when performing the move.

BL Hinge Exersices SLRDL

Hip Thrust: Rest your upper back on a bench with feet planted hip width apart and raise you hips so they are in line with your knees and chest, making a straight line from you head all the way to your knees. Lower your hips until your butt almost touches the floor beneath you and slowly raise back up to starting position. Keep your neck packed {not allowing it to crane forward}.

Bl hip bridge hinge exercise

Bl hip bridge hinge

Hip Bridge Hinge Exercise

Single Leg Hip Thrust:

Single Leg Hip Bridge

I hope the demonstration of these hinge exercises was helpful and you all start testing them out to get the feel for which exercises work best for you. If you haven’t already hop on over and download the BL Workout Outline HERE so you are ready to start importing exercises once all the demonstration posts are live!