Hi Ladies! Lots of big news this week for Honestly Uncensored!

We missed you all last week because we were having some serious technical difficulties recording but, we’re back this week with new official podcasting microphones, a new Honestly Uncensored Instagram Page & the first ever HU Interview!

Bell Mountain Naturals Sarah York

Natural Skin Care Honestly Uncensored

In today’s episode we interview natural skincare creator Sarah York of Bell Mountain Naturals. We chat with her on the benefits of all natural beauty & skincare, how to cut out the BS from drug stores & how to create your own at home natural skincare if you are new to chemical free products.

Honestly Uncensored Bell Mountain Naturals

Listen in below or on iTunes to hear more about Sarah’s chemistry background & her biggest tip to someone starting their own small business.

ALSO! Sarah was so generous to give our listeners a discount code for 25% off a purchase using the code “honestlyuncensored”! Hope on over to her website and grab yourself a new soap, mask or scrub for spring!

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EP 8 Interview w/ All Natural Skin Care Creator Sarah York