Move Fitness Philosophy
Move Every Damn Day

No exceptions. No excuses. Just move.

The baseline of the Blissfully Lively workout philosophy is to move your body. Then it’s a choice of how you want to do that. I promote and suggest strength training or lifting weights as the best way to move your body and feel strong. I suggest 3 strength workouts a week non-consecutively so say (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and a bit of something else you love to do to break that up on Tuesdays and Thursdays (anything really that gets your body moving and your heart rate up). Working out and moving your body 5 days a week with 2 rest days is ideal.


I know when I say weight lifting your ladies minds go straight to thinking of people like body builders, maybe as severe as the hulk 🙂 and you begin to freak out and think wait! I don’t want to look bulky or shredded (I will chat about all of this in another post so stay tuned) don’t worry you won’t! I too thought this when Chris began programing workouts for me. I kept saying

“I just want to look toned, why don’t you understand”

with him responding:

“Just trust me, try it and you will be amazed at how awesome you feel and look”

Well like all things (really you guys it’s so annoying) he was right.

What you will get from it is the (I hate to use this word) “toned” look you’re going for while also feeling so fucking strong! We need to flip the idea that lifting any weight is only for the guys and that women shouldn’t touch weights because it makes them “bulky”. Cause honestly it’s really hard to add noticeable size to your muscles. For most people, it takes months or even years of consistent training and proper nutrition to add aside. Also women don’t produce nearly the same level of testosterone as men do which makes muscle growth even harder for us! SO…

I’m on a mission to stop this myth. Reverse your mind and open it to a new way of working out.

blissfully lively move

I keep talking about being strong or getting stronger as my main focus but never have explained why this is…keep reading!

Why strength is the foundation

In the busy lives that we live, we’re always looking to do things as efficiently as possible. And honestly, strength training gets results! Whether you want to move, look, or feel better the combination of moving weight and body weight training will get you the best bang for your buck! It’s a simple recipe of handwork and consistency and while it might not be the sexiest, newest, or fad workout on the market it’s the one that has always worked and always will.

With all of this being said the workouts I promote on my blog aren’t ever going to be anything you can’t complete, yes they will be challenging but the moves won’t be so far out there that you feel self conscious or uneducated. Along with every workout that I post I will also include a video of me doing the exercise so you all have the tools and education to complete it at your local gym or wherever you choose to exercise! For every exercise there will be modifications that make it easier or harder depending on your ability level. It’s my goal to help you find your starting place and progress from there.

These workouts could be anything from weighted squats to hanging leg raises. I want you to know what you’re doing so you can actually complete the workout instead of go to the gym feel overwhelmed with all these moves you have no idea how to say let alone complete and turn around and leave.

Because honestly I have completely felt like this. One of the main reasons I wanted to transform this blog into a motivational wellness space for women is because I would go into the gym with a preset workout that Chris would program for me, be standing in front of the weights and completely forget what a goblet squat is supposed to look like, or how my position should be in a deadlift. All the while feeling self conscious because I’m working out among the guys.

Yes to some goblet squats may seem like a super simple move but to a beginner (like I was) and I’m sure a lot of you are it can be so overwhelming. I’m here to help! I will be posting workouts/ exercises starting the first week of December so stay tuned! Also please don’t ever hesitate to send me a message if you’re feeling confused, frustrated, have questions about an exercise, etc.! Shoot me an email anytime 👉


I can’t wait to begin sharing my knowledge {with the help of Chris} of fitness with all of you & work to empower you to be the strongest best versions of yourself!



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