Oh FATS, we all know them as the evil, enemy, something we should never eat & the thing that will make you fat….newsflash, WRONG.

Now you’re thinking what the hell Lauren, really?… there a few different kinds of fats, yes some like trans fat {processed fat} aren’t good for you BUT! Others like saturated & unsaturated fats such as avocados are amazing for you and boast tons of benefits while also helping you feel satiated for longer.

Ok, lets get into it…The good, bad & UGLY

The Good Fats

unsaturated fats such as:

olive oil, avocados, nuts & omega 3 fats {found in fatty fish/ seafood such as salmon}.

When eaten these break down into various types of fatty acids, which help move along hormone production, cell development & growth & help with blood sugar balance.

Saturated fats such as:

coconut meat, coconut oil, red palm oil & pasture-raised animals & eggs.

Now there are also some fats that we can’t make in the body called “essential fatty acids” which means we need to get them from eating food. These 2 essential fatty acids are called linoleic acid & alpha-linolenic acid. We can get these from foods that contain Omega 6 & Omega 3 {but appropriate levels of it, not overboard like the bad fats below}. Foods that contain omega 6 are organic whole foods such as eggs, nuts, seeds & grass finished meats. Foods that contain Omega 3 are “fish oil” fats or ones that you can get from eating algae/ seafood.

Blissfully Lively Fats

The Bad/ UGLY Fats

Trans-unsaturated fat {or better known as manmade fats} such as:

canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, cottonseed, grapeseed, corn, soybean or vegetable oil.

These oils contain excessive amounts of omega 6 which can cause inflammation! If any label reads “Partially hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated”…it’s a NO!

Make sure you’re checking those labels/ ingredients. Labeling laws state that 0.5g & under of trans fats can be listed as 0g! Sneaky. Also LOTS of packaged foods are made with Canola oil, even Organic crackers, bars, etc. so make sure you’re checking!

OK now stayyy with me, I promise this will make sense even though they’re big words {I’m all about putting things in layman’s terms}

The bottomline is most of us don’t add enough of the good fat into our everyday diet, are consuming too much of the bad inflammatory fat, and our hormone production is severely effected. Hormones like insulin which pick up & process glucose or {sugar in the blood} and transport it to the liver, muscles etc. to be used as energy. If there isn’t enough healthy fat to get this hormone going then glucose stays in excess in the blood and is stored in our fat cells {not what we want} aka converted into FAT in our bodies.

Good Fats BL


Adding an appropriate amount of good fats to your diet daily will actually HELP you lose weight, by creating insulin, picking up glucose and transporting it to the liver & muscles to form ENERGY! As well as keep you satiated creating less insulin spikes & crashes and more of those rolling hills of blood sugar that keep us in glucose transportation mode.

OKK now you ask what’s an appropriate amount?

I suggest 2 servings of 1 tbsp daily.

This could be coconut oil in your morning smoothie, avocado with your salad at lunch or salmon for dinner.

Pick the healthy fats you like best & start adding them to your daily meals to feel satiated longer!

Here are a few recipe posts which boast healthy fats to get you started:

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Let me know if this article was helpful & if you babes have any more questions, i’m always here to help <3