It’s time for a switch up!

Caitlin & I wanted to add a bit more fun into the podcast this week {i mean when is it not fun, but we wanted to add some more laughs} so we decided to ask each other 10 Q’s lightening round/ speed dating style.

Well as you guys know when you get us talking you can’t stop us so the lightning round turning into our longest podcast yet at 45 minutes. I hope you have a long drive ahead of you, or some serious deep cleaning you’re partaking in because this one is going to be LOOOOONG.

HU Podcast

Caitlin & I get in-depth AF on topics from favorite upper body exercise to least favorite wellness trend of 2016. Listen in to hear all our answers & check out how similar we truly are {you guys its fricken creepy we think were long lost twins 👯}.

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HU Speed Dating

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