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Blissfully Lively x Mallory Drew Kettlebell Workout & Giveaway

Kettlebells…AKA one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment. I love them because they’re so easy to use with the weight dispersed primarily in the bottom and a perfect handle to hold on to. I don’t use them at our home gym because honestly they’re ridiculously expensive and Chris and I have dumbbells that work just as well so we haven’t bought any kettlebells just yet.{but hopefully soon…christmas gift anyone?}

If you’re going to complete this workout at home you can substitute a dumbbell, or if you go to a gym by all means grab a kettlebell with the weight that works for you! {We intentionally left the weight portion blank because it can differ from exercise to exercise, and person to person}.

I have come up with this workout with friend and fellow blogger Mallory of How to by Mallory DrewMallory & I recently became friends on Instagram bonding over fitness blogging and loving each others out look on a healthy lifestyle. Mallory’s blog chronicles her life living authentic or “filter free” as she would put it writing about recipes, style, fitness & her must haves.

Because Mallory and I loved putting this workout together so much we decided to make it into a giveaway. Here are the rules:

  1. You have to be following me {Blissfully Lively} & Mallory {How to by Mallory Drew} on Instagram
  2. You have to comment on both of our Instagram posts about this giveaway tagging 2 friends.
  3. Complete the workout and have a fucking blast!

Now you’re wondering well what’s the prize? We will be giving away a super cute workout gift basket including a kettlebell workout tank top, jump rope, water bottle, protein bars etc.! We will pick the winner this Friday the 18th.

Blissfully Lively x Mallory Kettlebell Workout

This workout is designed to run through each circuit 3 times and then move on to the next circuit.

Circuit 1 X3

10 KB Swings

5 {each} KB Turkish get ups

15 KB Toe touches

Circuit 2 X3

10 KB Goblet Squat

8 KB Overhead press

 15 KB Sit up

Circuit 3 X3

8 KB Deadlift

8 {each} KB Row

10 Kb Leg raises

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Strength & Conditioning Badass Erica Suter talking favorite exercises, blogging & her thoughts on “celebrity trainers”

I recently found Erica’s blog when searching around for some fitness knowledge to add into a blog post. I stumbled on her “Fitness Celebrities vs. Fitness Professionals” article and I immediately knew I had to have her on the blog. Erica professed her serious distaste for the new trend of celebrity trainers making its way into the fitness world and used her blog post as a way to educate people on why these celebrity trainers are not the ones you should be following. Basically info on how the fitness celebs are doing a disservice to the people who want to get fit by “dolling out fitness fallacies and useless fluff”, and the fitness professionals who are training the correct way. She called out celebs such as the Tone It Up girls, Jillian Michaels & Tracy Anderson just to name a few and I couldn’t love it more.

I completely agreed with her honest opinions and knew I had to have this positive, knowledgeable, fitness badass on the blog.

Erica currently works training athletes and non-athletes at a strength and conditioning facility in Maryland. She specializes in soccer specifically coaching and training a majority of soccer players & runs her blog on the side as a way to put out her fitness content to a more wide spread genre.

This girl is a true fitness guru working with people in person and promoting her awesome values online for the world. Alright alright, enough about me professing my love for her work and her badass girl power vibes. Time to get to the interview!

Erica Suter Interview

Blissfully Lively: Hi Erica! Please introduce yourself to Blissfully Lively readers!

Erica Suter: Hi, my name is Erica Suter and I’m a Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as Nationally Licensed Soccer Coach in Baltimore, Maryland.

BL: I came across your blog recently and fell in love with your honesty and knowledge on fitness. What was your main reason for starting the blog?

ES: The short answer: I LOVE WRITING. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been a storyteller and have had a weird, quirky sense of humor. Once I had a few years of training clients and soccer players under my belt, I figured it would be a great idea to blog about training methods and be a relatable figure to women and young girls. My blog serves as a platform for inspiration, science-based knowledge, and a sprinkle of sarcasm – all things I feel are uplifting for the fitness industry. I love to share free content as well so that when I’m gone on travel, or people can’t afford the luxury of training, they have something to access every day.

BL: I know you’re strength and conditioning certified and train clients (athletes and non-athletes) in the gym, what is your favorite memory or milestone?

ES: Being a strength and soccer coach has been such an incredible journey. My favorite milestone by far is honestly still staying afloat. HA! In an industry that is oversaturated, it’s easy for trainers and strength coaches to get lost in the crowd. However, I pride myself in honing my niche in the soccer world, as well as constantly working to get better. Yes, I’ve been criticized by veteran trainers. Yes, I’ve cried when first starting out. But all of these defeats have made me a better strength and soccer coach, as well as blogger.

BL: What’s your advice for someone starting out on a healthy lifestyle journey?

ES: Do what makes you come to life. It may sound trivial, but too often I see people embarking on crash diets or intense workout programs that they’re simply forgetting to have fun and live life. A healthy lifestyle should be uplifting, energizing, and soul enriching. So think of your food as energy. Think of your workouts as energy. And do what makes you feel like you’re going to grab life by the balls.

BL: I know recently you posted an article all about the difference between celebrity trainers and fitness trainers. I thought this post was so inspiring. What sparked your interesting to get this out there?

ES: This article took a lot of courage to write. For the longest time, I’ve been waiting to speak my mind on this topic. A few of my colleagues lit the fire under my butt to write about the fallacy of fitness celebs because they knew I would be able to produce an honest and raw piece that wasn’t too “rant-y.” Little did I know, the world would flip upside after I clicked publish. I’m so incredibly passionate about the correct information being blasted out into the world and I’m sick of all the bullshit from the fitness industry. Moreover, I wanted to challenge the celebrities in my post to better themselves from a professional standpoint.


BL: Who inspires you in the fitness/ wellness community?

ES: Lori Lindsey, Tony Gentilore, Michael Boyle, Jen Sinkler Meghan Callaway, and Bret Conteras. These are all true fitness professional who have pushed me to own my niche and never stop learning, both in a research and hands-on environment. Plus, Bret Contreras has amazing biceps 😉.

BL: What is the number one takeaway you want people to know when visiting your blog or training with you?

ES: Become fluent in sarcasm, then visit my blog. In all seriousness though, the number one message I want people to get from my blog is the power of being authentic. I like to challenge my readers to live an unedited life, follow their passions, and to do what makes them happy. Sure, I write a lot on strength training, sport science, and soccer drills, but the underlying theme is owning who you are.

As far as training with me, I’m not a “ra ra” cheerleader type. Rather, I’m very practical and like to progress and regress my clients based on their needs. A lot of my clients would describe me as reserved, but they know I will challenge them to level up their workouts once they’ve graduated from basic movement patterns. A client once told me, “People must be fooled by you. They see a calm young woman, but you’re an absolute savage.”

As an example, clients who have been with me for the long-haul (2+ years) have gone from basic kettlebell dead lifts to varying stances with the barbell (conventional/sumo/deficit) to dead lifts with new tools (chains/resistance bands). I pride myself in simplicity AND innovation to focus on new client goals and switch gears a bit.

BL: How would you explain your training style or philosophy in the gym?

ES: Being an athlete myself has inspired my focus on quality movement training. Even when I am training non athletes, I still focus on the same variables of strength and power, as well as coordinated movement. However, this does not mean a senior citizen will be performing push ups with a weighted vest, or running agility drills off the bat, or ever for that matter. I like to start people with the proper movement patterns and progressions based on their limitations. I also like to give them a better alternative to machine-based work and the same sets/resp each week. Some adults eventually graduate onto trap bar dead lifts, heavy farmer’s carries, landmine variations, and sled pushes. I am very optimistic and want all of my clients to the realize that bodies are capable of becoming strong and durable if progressed with great care.

BL: If you could only pick two movements for your workout what would they be, and why?

ES: Dead lift. And loaded crawling with chains. Sorry if that sounded creepy.

First off, the dead lift is a staple movement for posterior chain strength, which everyone needs – soccer players, senior citizens, moms, etc. Hamstring and glute strength is critical for reducing low back and knee pain, as well as developing a super strong core. Plus, you get a big butt.

Crawling with chains isn’t a weird fetish, don’t worry. The best part about crawling is it builds reflexive strength and ties the body together. Oddly enough, my triceps have gotten jacked from it too. Recently, I’ve upped the intensity by crawling with 90 pound chains (with contralateral load) to continue to progress the strength through my core. And you know, because, #gains.

If you guys loved Erica’s interview and want to learn more/ follow her on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.



Tips for a better night sleep

SLEEP oh my gosh who doesn’t love a good nights sleep. That feeling when you’re so damn tired and you crawl into a fresh set of sheets and completely black out…THE BEST.

Well if you’re like me times like that are fairly rare. I am the absolute worst sleeper. Sorry to any guys out there who are reading this don’t mean to exclude you but I feel like women specifically are poor sleepers.

I mean take last night for example Chris and I are both talking about how tired we are. We crawl into bed and no joke in 20 seconds he’s fast asleep. Me on the other hand I’m lying awake doing everything possible to get my mind to shut off and zonk out.

I don’t know what it is about getting in to bed but my mind instantly thinks of one thousand other things that I should be doing or remembering. Resulting in my eyes being shut, my body saying “omg i’m so tired yes it’s time to sleep” and my mind saying “HOLY SHIT!… don’t forget to call the florist tomorrow, oh florist, sparks some memories of 4 summers ago when so and so got married, marriage OMG I can’t wait until my dress comes in for our wedding, wedding omg did I remember to email back the DJ?” and this goes on and on and on until finally at 3am I either fall asleep or just get the fuck up cause I can’t stand it any more.

SO. after giving you guys a crazy peek into my terrible sleep habits and hearing from so many friends they too struggle with sleep I thought why not write down a few tips that have helped me figure this shit out. I feel like this topic is important because sleep can fall down the priorities list for people super quickly and truthfully it is one of the easiest ways to start living a healthier life.

All of this being said these are just a few of the tips that work for me, if these don’t work for you I will leave a few links at the bottom of this post to some other articles so you can look into & find what works best for you because one way isn’t always the right way!

Sleep tips

  1. Put down the phone: Ok i’m not sure who the hell created the iPhone with blue florescent light but thanks goodness this has been somewhat changed (I will tell you how to fix this below). Blue light essentially ignites your brain..well technically it “suppresses the production of the sleep inducing hormone called melatonin” Thanks google. so if you’re scrolling through Instagram while lying in bed at night…STOP NOW. This was one of my biggest problems. I would check Instagram, emails, etc. quickly before bed and then wonder why I couldn’t fall asleep. I now try and limit my phone use to 30 minutes before bed. Also try and turn down your house lights to dimmed 30 minutes before…It gets your brain in the sleeping mindset.
  2. Read: I know this one can be hard for people because some people just aren’t readers. I love to read before bed because it calms the brain and slows your breathing allowing you to focus on the story or facts, knowledge, etc. your reading. If i’m ever really hyper or just can’t seem to sleep a book is my go to.
  3. No TV: I have been addicted to the Netflix show Narcos recently, It is so damn good Chris and I had been binge watching it at night before bed and then wondering the next morning why we couldn’t sleep. The show is incredibly gruesome and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. Finally we made the decision to stop watching it before bed because it was leaving us in a unsettling headspace before sleeping resulting in weird ass scary dreams that would keep us up all night. Modern Family is a bit more watchable before sleeping… Cam kills me! So funny!
  4. Essential oils: This tip is one I have just recently started doing and am really loving it. You know the calm and relaxed feeling you get when having a message, facial, etc.? Well say hello to your new best friend Lavender essential oil because it will instantly put you to sleep. I have started rubbing lavender on the inside of my wrists for nights when my brain seriously won’t stop no matter what I do and it’s life changing. Breathing in this calming oil lulls me right to sleep. Here are a few other essential oil options if you don’t like the smell of lavender or if it isn’t working: Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Marjoram, & Cedarwood.
  5. Listen to your breathing: This is a tip that helps whether you can’t sleep, are anxious, feeling nervous about something really anything that is making you feel uptight. I had to add it in because it is my first tip I try when not able to sleep but did put it at the bottom of the list because sometimes honestly this doesn’t work for me if my mind is racing too much or focusing on something far off I go for reading or essential oils, but listening to your breath is an amazing way to help you fall asleep. Chris began doing this in college when he was playing sports, needed a quick power nap during the day to recover, he said it transformed his sleep life! Honestly I try really hard to focus and use this tip but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me! So if it doesn’t work for you don’t feel discouraged. Try any of the tips above or take a look at the links below to find what works best for you.

How to fix your iPhones Blue Light:

Go to Settings- Display & Brightness->Night Shift->Scheduled (turn on)->tap “To From”->Select “Sunset & sunrise”. This will automatically decrease the blue light and increase warm light when it is dark outside creating more of a yellow cast to your iPhone! GENIUS APPLE, GENIUS.

Other sleep options:



Room Environment (cool, comfort, noise)

I hope this post helped anyone who is struggling with sleep! It’s so important to figure out what works for you and get a good 8 hours a night if possible!



Blissfully Lively Wellness Philosophy

{wow this thumbnail is so flattering 🙈}

Wellness to me is more than working out. It’s a lifestyle that encompasses physical activity, eating & mindfulness. It is a balance, an everyday choice that is made to better your life. And to me it is based on much more than vanity.

All of us (well i’m assuming here) want to look our best, feel good about ourselves, fit into those super cute jeans, etc. But my philosophy and what I promote out to you guys doesn’t rely heavily on this. Yes, if you do workout daily and make the correct eating choices you will see visible results but truthfully those are secondary to the way that it will make you feel. We as a society have become fixated on the visual representation of fitness, on the “before and afters” on the way our arms look after “chest day”. And honestly i’m quite sick of it.

So here on this blog this platform that I have we will never post before and afters, I will never promote my “chest pump”, or take a booty shot from behind showing off my butt. What happened to working out to feel good? to feel strong? to feel like “holy shit I just dominated that workout which will in turn make me healthier”…You know what happened to it…GLAMOUR. It’s more glamorous to post about how sweaty this workout made you, or how huge your butt looks in a photo (also side note, anyone can make their butt look like this it’s called manipulating your stance) because it gets the most likes on Instagram.

fitness philosophy

Well here at BL I cut that shit right out. I’m not going to say you won’t see a video/ picture of me lifting weights or a mirror shot of some cute leggings because hey I want to promote what I love but never will I emphasize my “chest pump” or weight on the scale for you all because it doesn’t work that way for me.

This is a platform that I have to motivate, uplift & push you gals to be your best selves to love yourself no matter what size, shape, color, etc. To give you the tools to live your healthiest life and not rely on the scale, the visible results, to tell you how to feel. To give you the information on what is a healthy food choice. To show you all that you are capable of doing more than an at home 15 minute body weight exercise. To challenge you, & most importantly to continue this fitness journey with you.

blissfully lively philosophy

i know I share my fitness opinions here and on my social media platforms but I wanted to break it on down to give women the gist on what i’m here for, what I stand behind, and how I can help you. So in order to do that i’ve broken up this post into 5. The first one is the one you’re reading now with more of an overview. The 2nd will be fitness specific, the 3rd nutrition specific, the 4th mindfulness specific and the 5th a recap of the whole Blissfully Lively philosophy.

This philosophy is something that helps keep me in check and motivated on my fitness journey and I hope that this will become something that you turn to to stick to yours. We’re all in this together. If you watched the video and enjoyed it let me know here or on Instagram. I love getting feedback 🙂




My Favorite Workout Music to Help You Kill it in the Gym

If there’s one thing that makes or breaks my workout it’s most definitely music! I mean I will work out when I forget my sneakers, in the cold, whatever but without music it’s just lack luster at best…Who else feels me on this?!

Workout Music

I like my music loud and motivating and it’s so nice to have a home gym where I can play it as loud as I want and don’t need to wear headphones because of our wireless speaker. Speaking of headphones though…These bluetooth powered headphones are AMAZING. LIKE LIFE CHANGING.

I got the iPhone 7 and was so annoyed that the headphone jack had been taken out and now in order to listen to my music I had to carry around the adapter everywhere. One day I walked into Target and found these amazing wireless headphones for only $15! They’re super comfortable and don’t get all tangled up when you’re trying to workout…amazing.

Also side note i’m not being paid to promote these I just thought they were pretty awesome for the price and had to share this with you if I was going to be sharing my favorite playlist anyway!

I thought I would leave you guys with my favorite spotify playlist for working out to help you get pumped up and motivated to hit the gym! My spotify account name is lbartlett1212 if you’re ever in need of music or workout inspiration!




Now thinking about what workout to do? Check out my Favorite Ab Move to get you inspired.

Wellness Blogger Lauren Shaber Inspiring You To Choose Healthy

You know I love hitting you guys with positivity & motivation when you need it most so what better way to start off your Tuesday than with just that an inspiring interview with blogger Lauren Shaber of Lauren Lives Healthy.

If you guys have been reading the blog since way back you would already know Lauren from the spinach recipe post that we did together 2 years ago but for those that don’t Lauren is a healthy lifestyle blogger that chronicles her life trying to “choose healthy”. Follow her Instagram if you’re looking for some serious real talk on listening to your body & want to drool over delicious recipes on the daily.

Lauren and I met through social media years ago and I connected with her because I loved her positive attitude and the passion she had behind her fitness journey to live healthy and find balance. Recently Lauren posted a blog article all about being more than a “Tone It Up Girl” and I thought this was so courageous. Lauren had utilized Tone It Up to live her healthiest life for a while but when it started to define her she took a step back and switched her thinking a bit.

If you guys know anything about me you know that I love real genuine people and after Lauren was so honest and open about her experience I knew that I needed to share her mindset & thoughts with you guys on the blog!

Lauren Lives Healthy Interview

BL: Hi Lauren! Please introduce yourself to Blissfully Lively readers.

LLH: Hi! Thanks so much for having me. I currently live near Portland, OR with my boyfriend and pup, though I’m a born-and-raised California girl. I work full-time in marketing and share my healthy living journey on the side at Lauren Lives Healthy.

BL: I know that you have created your blog platform around healthy eating and your weight loss journey. What made you want to begin this blog?

LLH: I first started my journey on July 1, 2013 when I realized I really needed a change. I started by following Tone It Up, which encouraged sharing your meals and workouts on Instagram as a way to “check in.” I quickly realized I wanted to share more than just my meals and workouts, so I started Lauren Lives Healthy. I created a blog with a few other TIU girls, which didn’t last long, but I loved the process and decided to create my own blog to document my health journey and connect with others going through the same thing.

BL: Where do you find your inspiration to “choose healthy” as you would say, daily?

LLH: Right now, I’m all about listening to my body. I believe your body will tell you what it needs, so I do my best to listen. Feeling good is what inspires me to choose healthier meals, fit in a workout, or focus on me time.

BL: What is the number one thing you want people to take away from your blog?

LLH: I want people to realize they’re not alone and that they have a friend going through the healthy living journey with them.

BL: I know you recently posted about being “so much more than a tone it up girl” I adored this post and how brave it was. What made you want to separate yourself from the pack?

LLH: Thank you so much! I realized that I was branded as a “Tone It Up” girl. Coworkers, friends and family would tell me we couldn’t do something or go somewhere to eat because it wasn’t “Tone It Up approved.” It really bothered me because my life is so much more than TIU. I eat all sorts of things, do my own workouts, and enjoy all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily in the TIU plan. I wanted people to start seeing me as Lauren, not just a TIU girl.

BL: Staying on a healthy track and lifestyle can be hard. Any tips that you find helpful?

LLH: Prioritize yourself every day! I’m a morning person so I ease into the day with a homemade latte or drink, a good breakfast and some quiet time before anyone else wakes up. Find your favorite time of day and take some time to yourself, just to do something you love. It’ll give you time to remember why you’re doing this and think about what your goals are. Also, give yourself a break! We can’t do it all, all the time, so it’s okay to take it easy. Just do the best you can (and listen to your body!), and that’s all that matters.

BL: Do you have any inspiration Quotes you live by?

LLH: It’s not so much a quote, but the idea of listening to your body. I love the idea that your body knows you best and will tell you what you need. It’s what inspires me to healthify my meals, fit in a workout, and prioritize me time. I’m still learning to actually live this way but I know that, if I listen to my body, I’ll feel better, healthier and balanced.

BL: Who is your healthy lifestyle guru or inspiration?

LLH: My first instinct is to say women like Lauren Conrad and Lea Michelle, though my main source of inspiration is friends and girls on Instagram who I’ve connected with over the years that are trying to balance everyday life with healthy workouts and meals. It’s inspiring to see real women who are so open and honest about their journey.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with Lauren. Take a peek at her blog for inspirational ways to “choose healthy”.

Check back tomorrow for a little sneak peek into the brains behind the blog 🙂



Lookin’ for some more inspiration? Check out my post on Instagram maven Gofitjo.

Tips for handling the grocery store like a boss & a PDF just for you

BL Grocery Store List

The grocery store can be a bit of a daunting place when you’re trying to stick to eating healthy. Important (I don’t say diet) because eating healthy is a lifestyle not a fad or a diet that you stick to for a week and fall off because it’s unattainable. This is a change in lifestyle.

Because this change can come with questions, experimenting, and finding new favorite foods I thought why not create a list of my go to grocery store staples for a week of healthy eating and let it be up for grabs for anyone figuring this whole healthy lifestyle thing out. Anyone thinking hold the phone now what do I do with all these ingredients? Don’t worry a weeks worth of healthy recipes will be coming in a PDF soon too!

My grocery store list is in PDF form to make it easier for you to download, check off and carry with you to the store (or pull up on your iPhone will browsing the groc.). I have added all of my refrigerator staples, pantry staples, proteins, fruits/ veggie selections and even condiments to try and help keep those cravings at bay.

My number one grocery store tip that I’m sure you’ve heard before is:


Work the perimeter of the grocery store to grab all of your healthy eating staples. Now there are a few exceptions to this rule including:

  • Rice/ beans
  • Chicken/ Beef stock
  • Tea
  • Blue corn tortilla chips (sometimes you gotta make a taco bowl)
  • Granola/ wholegrain cereal

Other than that I stay far away from the tempting middle aisles that house the goldfish, chips, sugary drinks, etc! Because they’re salty/ sugary, filled with too many empty carbs with no real nutrients and can ruin any healthy progress made. Fruits, veggies, proteins, and small amounts of grains are where it’s at!

Trust me once you cut out the crap (candy, processed sugar, energy/ sugary drinks, chips, sugary cereal, bagels with heaps of cream cheese etc.) (just to name a few) your body won’t crave it. Stay hydrated and fill up on real food and your body will LOVE YOU.

The items on this grocery list are all included because they’re what I buy the most of, and what I think help create the healthiest meals. As you can see I didn’t add steak to the proteins section because I don’t buy it often. Not to say that it isn’t a good protein, I just personally prefer meats lower in fat such as ground turkey or chicken, but this being said I definitely do eat steak just much more rarely than say chicken.

This is my ideal list. The list that I go in to the grocery store with for a weeks worth of healthy meals, but what I come out with might be different from time to time. Hello I am human and cravings sometimes get the  best of me just like I’m sure sometimes they get the best of you too. This is why I believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. Not a system that has you drinking crazy shakes for meals and cutting out all carbs. It’s ok to indulge every once in a while it’s bound to happen but it just needs to be under control. You can have a small piece of dark chocolate after dinner even nightly if that helps you keep the cravings at bay. BUT! keep it to one piece a night or don’t buy it at all.

I want to close this post by saying eating healthy is a process and takes time! The hardest part can be taking that first step {out of the middle aisles 🙂 } but you will immediately feel the difference that healthy whole foods makes on your body. It is worth it. Trust me just stick with it.

Slip ups are also bound to happen so be conscious of this put down the donut and start right back where you were before you made the slip!

 It’s just about BALANCE and eating WHOLE FOODS if you stick to this rule you will be golden.

BL Grocery Store PDF list

Blissfully Lively Grocery PDF List (Click this link and it will bring you to the printable PDF)

Keep an eye out for Blissfully Lively Healthy Meals PDF coming to the blog soon! I hope you enjoy this printable and if you end up using it please send me an email or find me through Instagram I love connecting with people that read and utilize the blog! It makes me so happy!



Leisurée & the one piece you need stat

When I say stat I’m not one bit kidding.

The moment I find something I really love that relates to health/ fitness/ over all wellbeing I need to share it with you guys, and this Leisurée piece is no exception.

Blissfully Lively wearing Lively

I recently saw one of my fav. bloggers The Balanced Blonde sporting a super cute thin but stylish LIVELY bralette on her Instagram and I knew I had to try it out. I mean truthfully I could not remember the last time that I saw a bralette that wasn’t completely covered in lace so the patterns and different intricate detail immediately drew me in.

I contacted LIVELY and from there this super awesome partnership emerged. They sent me a bralette to try out and I could not stop wearing it. I took it out of the package and wore it no joke 3 days in a row.

Blissfully Lively wearing Lively

It was so incredibly comfortable it felt like I was wearing a bra made entirely of silk. The thing that I loved most was the subtle details which made it so that you could wear it for a night out with a deep vneck tee & a leather jacket and look like the no fuss cool girl you’ve always wanted to be. Or pair it with leggings and a workout top for your sweaty yoga sesh.

Blissfully Lively wearing Lively

Comfort is key for me. I mean other than my makeup my bra is the first thing to go when I get home from work, a night out, etc. I don’t want to feel constricted and bras/ bralettes can do that because of the thick straps, uncomfortable lace, poking underwire etc. But this one is the exception. I actually wore this bralette all day and slept in it that night, not even realizing because it was so comfortable I forgot I had it on.

Loungin in Lively Leisuree

LIVELY’s mission is to change the point of view on Lingerie into something called Leisurée a mix between Athleisure and Lingerie. Comfort mixed with hints of sexy style to make you feel and look good for any activity from a workout to catching up on your favorite netflix show to even a night out with friends.

Lively Leisuree

LIVELY also makes bikini/ thong underwear and push up bras, I think I’m going to complete the set and grab The All Day Thong to go with my Cross Back Bralette for a super cute matching situation.

Lively Leisuree

This versatile piece has become a staple in my closet or let me say body (because I haven’t taken it off). Because I loved LIVELY so much and they are so darn generous they gave all of you readers a $10 off coupon to buy your own LIVELY piece. Use code “BLISSFULLY” at check out to receive $10 off any order. I mean that’s a fricken steal if I do say so myself when their bralettes are regularly priced at only $35! Snag a few while the discount lasts (Until the end of November).

Happy Loungin’



** This post is in partnership with LIVELY, all opinions are my own.


Women & Strength Training…Summing Up My Instastory Rant

If you guys didn’t see, I posted a bit of a rant on my Instagram story last week. I was more than upset about an experience I had with a friend at her local gym. Recently I was asked by said friend to set her up with some workouts because she just didn’t feel like what she was doing was working for her. Obviously I accepted because I love helping people reach their health/ fitness goals and felt super excited that she wanted my input.

Blissfully Lively lifting weights

But let me just tell you this women’s only gym pissed me off. I was quite upset by one specific characteristic. They only offered up to 35lb dumbbells. Nothing heavier.

This upset me for 1 of 2 reasons. For one the idea that women don’t need more than 35 lb. dumbbells and two that there wasn’t even the option to try a heavier weight even if you wanted to…stifling.

blissfully lively womens strength training

Trap bar Deadlift

Side note: don’t get me wrong I understand the want for a women’s only gym, and truthfully I have nothing against this. I understand that working out among men can feel intimidating, and working out around your peers can be a bit easier and even motivating… but here we are again. MOTIVATING, if women feel more comfortable around other women in a gym type environment don’t you think they will be a bit more likely to pick up a little heavier weight to test it out?

I want to put this into a little perspective for people reading.

I would consider myself pretty strong for my frame, but no where near what I am capable of and where I want to be. So lets see what I use for weights

35lbs is the weight that I use when I do dumbbell rows, sets of 8.

150 lbs is the weight that I use to deadlift.

70lbs is the weight that I use to rear-foot elevated split squat.

Blissfully Lively Women & strength training

BL Strong

I don’t throw these numbers up to boast about myself or how fit I am, how much I can lift etc. That is 100% not my point. My point is to empower you! To tell women everywhere that:


BL Pull Up

I am a 5 foot tall fit person who has been working out consistently for 2 years. At the beginning of my fitness journey my dumbbell rows were only at 20 lbs. and that’s ok but here I am 2 years later using 35 lbs because that’s what’s called progress. Everyone progresses if they stick with it, and I know the women that attend this gym can too.

It just makes me upset for these women because I feel like they’re shoved into this little square that another person decided was their potential.

Bl Ab roll outs

At least give them the choice of how/ what they want to achieve. Basically those 35 lb weights said you’re only capable of lifting 35 lbs so that’s what we will give you and nothing more.

Like what? stop and think about that. What happens when 35lbs becomes too light? What happens when 70lbs becomes to light? Because trust me it will if you’re working out consistently to lose weight, get back in shape, become your best self! whatever reason, you can and will be able to lift more weight than that at some point in your fitness journey.

BL L Sit

BL strength Training

The bottom line in writing this post is to let women everywhere know that they are capable of more than what female fitness stereotypes perceive us to be. We can lift more than 35 lbs. and do the same workout as the fit man beside us. I want women to feel inspired and educated, to stand up for being a woman and being damn strong…I mean we do carry and push out babies so if that’s not saying something I DONT KNOW WHAT IS!



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5 Ways To Break A Sweat On Your Off Day

Off days can mean 1 of 2 things for me. For 1 it can be a serious chill sess. catching up on shows, and lounging the day away, or 2 it can mean participating in a few of my favorite ways to break a sweat but not necessarily in the gym.

I try to workout 5 days a week 3 of those days I do strength training workouts and the other 2 I like to mix in some cardio/ stretching such as cycling, jump roping, trx, yoga, foam rolling, etc, anything really to break a sweat.

blissfully lively w/ smoothie wearing Lucy Activewear

Blissfully lively stretching in Lucy Activewear top

My “off days” usually consist of 2 days & fall during the weekend which makes it much easier to participate in some fun off day activities that still get me up and moving.

Reminder:  it’s healthy for everyone to have at least one day to chill on the couch, clean the house, regroup etc. So yes I love to stay active every day of the week, but I do have my total rest day as well (normally Sunday).

Here are a few ways to stay active during those off days.

  1. Biking/ Cycling
  2. Hiking (a must if you live in New England in the fall, I mean look at the below picture the changing leaves are 👌)
  3. Yoga/ Group Exercise Classes
  4. Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Any hobby/ sport you love
  5. Walk/ jog w/ Friends (add a smoothie in there and I’m set)

Blissfully lively on a bike wearing lucy activewear

It also doesn’t hurt to look as cute as possible while participating in all your favorite ways to get up & moving. Thank you Lucy Activewear for sponsoring this post and sending me a few activewear options to try out! Their High Impact Workout Bra is so comfortable, stylish and pairs perfectly with any activity i’m up for from a walk with friends to a sweaty cycling class!

Final note breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be terrible, find what works for you and stick with it! oh & no matter what make sure you’re having fun!

Blissfully Lively Off Day Workouts Wearing Lucy Activewear

Blissfully Lively off day ways to break a sweat



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