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BL Strong AF Killer Workout

This killer workout has been a long time coming because if you guys follow on Instagram you know, as I was editing the video it was completely erased from my iMovie only to be found in the archive files a week later! #WINNING {do people still say that?} 🙄

EP 10 Wellness on a Budget

In this weeks Episode of Honestly Uncensored Caitlin and I chat all about our most dreaded comment…

“I can’t eat healthy, workout, etc. cause I don’t have time, money. {insert any excuse ever} etc.”

Caitlin and I tackle this comment and give you all the tips to wellness on a budget. Talking our favorite ways to pinch pennies at the grocery store {cause lets be honest we ain’t rollin’ in the dough} to the “start slow” mentality.

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Episode Q: What is one way your like to practice wellness on a budget?

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Boston Day of W.E.L.Lness

You know when you find a brand or product and you instantly feel lit up inside? Like who are the creators of this? They need to become my best friends, because these people just get me? Well that’s how I feel about W.E.L.L Summit and their Boston Day of W.E.L.Lness.