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It’s The Little Things



I feel like I tend to forget this little saying quite often. I get so worked up or stressed about unnecessary stuff that I sometimes forget to pick out the things that are positive and are making my life better! I have decided to start a blog series dedicated to just that the small things that are making positive changes in my life on the daily that I seem to pass by. I wanted to bring this to the blog cause I feel like it’s something that a lot of people struggle with and I hope chatting about it will bring it to people’s attention and change the way they live for the better!

When I say small I truly mean small like minuscule things that you see and say in your head “oh thats nice” or “pretty” or “funny” and just keep on going about your business when you should stop and say holy smokes thats really pretty, take a second let it make you smile (or dance around the room) and be thankful for it!

Let me give you an example so you can better understand what i’m ranting on about. So yesterday I’m driving home trying to think about whats in the fridge for dinner (I know SHOCKER all I ever think about is food) and I’m tired and frustrated by how I have had two 12 hour work days in a row and now I need to go home and do homework (blah blah, Im having a pity party for myself moving on!) and I walk in the door open the fridge to get some ice for my iced tea and BAM! right there in front of me is my favorite ICE CREAM EVER! Chris bought it at the store last night and I completely forgot about it (he also bought waffle cones… he’s a serious winner) and I stopped and just stared at it for a second (after I let out a huge squeal of excitement) and was just so grateful for ice cream it wasn’t even funny. It’s the little things in life people! It’s the little moments when you could have just grabbed the ice cream out of the fridge said “UH THANK GOD” in a snarky voice and proceed to eat the ice cream out of the tub without giving it a second thought, but ya don’t cause who wants to live life that way?

Now go on and find your “ice cream” small things of the world and treat them like a goldmine and happily bask in them! (you could go one step further and even write them down daily, but thats just an overachiever kind a thang 😉

Live Blissfully!


Gymtimidation & Your Opinion

Well hey guys happy hump day! (whenever I type or say hump day all I can think about is that commercial with the camel yelling HUMP DAYYYYY and I bust out laughing) just had to let you all in on whats happening behind the computer screen. Anyway on to what you came here to read.


Lets start with your opinion!

So I have been blogging for a little over a year now and have done my Mouthwatering Monday every Monday (with the exception of a few) since I started. Recently I’ve been feeling pressured to come up with ideas for the recipes and some of the time just searched for something I think you all will like and adding it into the Mouthwatering Monday post instead of actually making it and sharing it with you from my own experience because I felt rushed to get something to you all by Monday. It leaves me feeling somewhat phony bologna and unauthentic and I’m not down for that! I want to post things that you guys want to see, and that I feel excited to post about. AKA I don’t want to post just to post I want there to be a purpose behind it. So I have a couple of ideas and with a little help from you guys I will be able to make a better decision.


Do you guys enjoy reading the Mouthwatering Monday posts?

Would you mind if I only posted them when I had fresh, new, and exciting recipes for you guys instead of every single Monday?

What type of recipes have you liked the most? Dinner delights, healthy goodies, sweet treats, etc?

Any other recommendations? The blog will only get better and continue to grow with feedback from you awesome readers.

Oh and to clarify this does not mean I will stop Mouthwatering Monday all together because if you’ve been reading since the beginning you know I’m a serious foodie and sharing my love for that with you guys is just my fav. thing!

Let me know your feedback in the comments section or on Instagram!


Today I was at the gym minding my own business (I’m really antisocial when it comes to the gym idk why maybe I myself have gymtimidation…actually who am I kidding I know I do) and these two girls walked up next to me grabbed some heavy weights and started doing a move in the most awkward way you could ever think of. Meanwhile I’m sitting there trying to focus on my own workout when really all I can think about is how these girls are probably hurting themselves more than they are helping. So here’s what went through my mind in the time it took me to finish my goblet squats while watching these girls.

“Oh jeeze! OUCH!”

“Your back is going to hurt”

“Oh no now is she teaching her friend to do it that way too”

“Should I go over and help, they’re really struggling…and keep smiling at me”

“maybe they’re nice”

“Wait who am I to help… I’m just a girl at the gym like them..but I don’t want them to get hurt”

“What if someone came up to me? How embarrassing”

END OF CONVERSATION WITH MYSELF (yes I know i’m crazy I have full on convos in me head…with myself.)

As I was driving home I could not stop thinking about these girls and how uncomfortable they looked and how uncomfortable I felt. Like why would it be such a bad thing if I asked them if they needed any help, or showed them a move I knew and if they didn’t want any help then hey at least I tried! I think being intimidated of the gym or the culture around the gym is so normal but to see someone (two people) doing something so utterly wrong (way too heavy of weights and just bad form) and not stop and see if they need help because I’m too scared of being shut down or embarrassed is ridiculous!

I know how they feel because come on I think everyone has a little bit of gymtimidation. Chris’ job is an athletic trainer…I live with someone who does this for a living who makes me all of my workouts, shows me exactly how to do the moves, motivates me, encourages me, and I still flip open google and check to make sure I’m doing the deadlift right every time because I don’t want to look stupid or hurt myself in front of other people. THE GYM IS INTIMIDATING…only if you let it be.

So long story longer…

I want people to feel comfortable at the gym doing what makes their life better (working out) and know what they are doing in the process. Also I want to feel comfortable to help my fellow blissfully fit gals who seem like they’re struggling with something and not feel stupid to lend a helping hand! I feel like this topic will morph into something pertaining to the blog over the next couple of months, and it’s so awesome to know that I have this place to chat about it all with you guys!.

Have you guys ever felt any Gymtimidation? Witnessed anything like what I was talking about? Let me hear it!

Live Blissfully!















My First Job

Well hey guys! Happy Thursday. I feel like this week has been flying by and the weekend will be here before we know it. Last week my friends at contacted me to write a little post all about my first job and the lessons I learned. Over the last couple days I’ve been thinking all about what job I wanted to post about, or what lessons i’ve learned in particular, but I kept coming back to the same thought… HARD WORK PAYS OFF!


So before I dive too deep into my story let me give you guys the dealio on what TheLadders does. They are an online company that “takes the anxiety out of your job search“. They are a community that connects job seekers with employers in the exact field (or interest) you the seeker have in mind. They have over 100,000 employers and recruiters to connect you with, and they have a free basic package that allows you to test it all out to get the gist. As we all know it can be hard to find a job whether you’re a recent college grad or a middle-aged mom, and this website seems like a great way to take the stress out of doing so. Lets just say I will most definitely be keeping them in mind as I am graduating in a couple months (and those student loans need to start being paid off).

So here’s my story!

My first job wasn’t pushed by anyone or anything but more of an excitement to make my own money. At the age of twelve I took a babysitting course at my local hospital and immediately started babysitting for families in my neighborhood. I loved caring for young children and the feeling I got when I left with my own spending money. Sadly just after I started getting my babysitting feet under me my parents went through a divorce and I was forced to move out of the neighborhood I grew up in. I also entered high school and began playing sports which took away time from working.

My mom became a newly single mom and supporting my sister and I was nothing short of easy. As I watched my mom struggle to make ends meet I began realizing how important a good paying job was. Over my first year of high school I realized that working wouldn’t be a choice for me (like a lot of my friends) and more a necessity if I wanted any spending money. The day I turned 16 and got a car I was off to my first real job outside of looking after neighbors children in their homes. I was now an Employee of Polo Ralph Lauren. I luckily got to work right alongside my best friend folding polo shirts, making the store look beautiful, and helping customers find their sizes. I worked an average of 20 hours a week and made enough to cover the expenses of being a teenager. Along with making money came more of a social life to spend it, and when my friends started taking work off as we went through high school I started picking up more shifts to pay for my car insurance, impending college, etc….not to say I didn’t have fun cause I totally did, but this is where the hard work comes in! Because of me putting extra time and effort into work I got a raise!!…This raise was probably like .50 cents but it made me feel like I was on top of the world!

Obviously there were so many times where I wanted to skip work or find someone to cover my shift but there was always that little reminder in the back of my head that working will pay off! As college was approaching I was trying to pick a major and decided on Elementary Education. I knew I loved caring for young children from a young age, as well as how important it is to do something you love surrounded by great people. I took my two favorite aspects from my first two jobs and put them together to now be working at a preschool working my way through college to become a teacher. Through all of college I have realized that if you want something it takes hard work and determination. Nothing is ever handed to you! My love of teaching has now expanded outside of the classroom into a love for teaching fitness classes. Life evolves and your interests change but hard work will always get you to where you want to be! Never forget it even in times of doubt!

Live Blissfully!