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How to Build Your Plate The BL Way

There are sooo many different diets, fads & “meal plans” out there that restrict, cut out or even eliminate food groups from your diet all together. They create stress around picking foods on the “approved food list” that you feel frustrated and inevitably fall off the prescribed “plan”.

What’s All the Hype About Bulletproof Coffee?

You guys have seen me drinking frothy AF homemade elevated Tea on Instagram day in and day out after meditation/mindfulness practice and have most definitely heard about the hype that is bulletproof, so I thought I would break it all down for you today with a little info & a recipe for you to give it a go!

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Ok, so Bulletproof is actually a brand started by Dave Asprey basically a wellness entrepreneur who has created supplements, books & a brand off of his eating style of choice…the Bulletproof way.

He describes it as the “low inflammatory protocol, for hunger free, rapid weight loss & peak performance lifestyle”.

It essentially cuts out inflammatory foods, breakfast & toxins from your body. He used this style of eating to lose 100 lbs in his 20’s and feel/ look great. You can learn more about it on his website.

While I don’t adopt his lifestyle or eating habits I do believe in the benefits of adding a bulletproof coffee/tea to start your day.

So now what is it?

BL Bulletproof Coffee

The Trademarked name Bulletproof coffee is specifically Brain Octane or {MCT oil}, roasted Bulletproof Coffee Beans & Ghee Butter.

But the BL way is…

Your normal coffee or tea, elevated! Adding a scoop of grass fed butter or coconut oil & {my fav} almond milk creamer to the mix & blending it up into frothy goodness. There are many different  recipes but the BL way is a serving of coffee/tea with an added boost of healthy fats such as coconut oil, grass fed butter, MCT Oil etc.

What are the benefits?

Adding any type of good fat to your coffee boasts some serious benefits. My most favorite, it keeps your hunger hormones {such as Ghrelin the hormone your body releases when it’s hungry & CCK the hormone your body releases when it’s full} at bay while simultaneously slowly the release of caffeine into your system.

We all know those days where we skip breakfast grab our coffee and head out the door to work only to realize 2 hours later we haven’t eaten, we’re starving and shaking from the caffeine high.

This combination completely takes care of that. The good fats slow down the release of caffeine into your system never giving you that high and then crash sort of feeling. You feel much more level, energized but calm & can wait a bit longer to eat breakfast each morning.

I actually have one of my nutrition clients on a daily coconut oil coffee mix each morning as she dislikes eating super early but wants to work out in the Am. She has her bulletproof coffee, gets her workout on & then fuels with some breakfast once she feels more ready to eat.

Another benefit that has really helped me is in the digestion department. Adding these good fats to your morning coffee can increase the bodies digestion of fat-soluble vitamins and make bowel movements much easier. TMI but you guys know I want to give you all the details to make an educated decision for yourself!

BL Coffee/Tea ElevatedBL Bulletproof Coffee
  • 1 cup coffee/ 1 cup black/chai tea, steeped
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil/ MCT oil
  • 1 tbsp almond milk creamer
  1. Steep tea/ coffee until desired taste
  2. Add coffee/tea 1tbsp coconut oil & 1 tbsp almond milk creamer to blender.
  3. Blend until smooth, top w/ cinnamon if desired.
  4. Enjoy!

I hope this article helped you learn a little more about my BL Elevated Coffee & why I choose to drink it ever morning! Let me know if you have any questions babes <3



What is Macro Counting & Should You be Doing It?

Oh macro counting, my arch nemesis!

Sorry guys, had to get it right out there. This being said I still want to bring you through what macro counting is, give you a little background and allow you to decide for yourself the best path to take. Here at BL I don’t promote macro counting, rather whole foods and balanced {sane} choices that will allow you to achieve your goals whatever they may be. But lets get right to it and explain the ins and outs of macro counting.

What is Macro Counting?

Macro counting is essentially counting the caloric content of your food, primarily carbs, fats & protein so you can gauge how much of each you have had throughout the day allowing you to “stay on track” to reaching your muscle building / weight loss goals. People who count macros {body builders primarily use the method and if you are into body building and are counting with whole foods, count on friends, this post is directed at regular Joes who have taken up macro counting} have a set number of grams of carbs, fat & protein they can eat throughout their day, no more. They break down these numbers into 3 or some 5 meals a day, allowing carbs, fats and proteins to be equally divided into each meal. People who count their macros portion out food, maybe even going as far as weighing it on a scale to calculate the nutritional content to the very decimal.

The Problem

1. Stressful/restrictive and 2. Not all carbs, fat & protein are created equal.

The carbs that you consume from housing Lays chips is not the same as the carbs that you get from eating a serving of quinoa even though the count might be the same. One is a whole food option that will nourish the body and the other, well…you get the point! {a processed oily, bag of junk with no nutrients}.

Simply counting macros doesn’t mean your proteins, fats, & carb options are health promoting or nutrient dense. People think because they are counting their macros they can make food choices that are poor quality, low fat, sugar free options because they are less points, such as “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray instead of real butter, Low cal ice cream sandwiches instead of ice cream, and processed junk because they are meeting their macros, and shaving some numbers off by doing so. BUT

Blissfully Lively Macro Counting

My question is even if you’re within your macro totals, and you have shaved off some grams of carbs by having low fat ice cream sandwiches rather than regular {side note they’re still ice cream sandwiches, not good for you so why not just eat the regular ones???} are a majority of the foods you are choosing whole unprocessed nutrient dense foods?

If the answer is yes and you are a macro counting genius that just likes to control your numbers but are choosing healthy options then count on my friend, but if the answer is no and you have been meeting your macros with pints of ice cream and chips all the while feeling hungry after every meal…THEN WE HAVE A PROBLEMO…no worries, it can be fixed :).

The Fix

Get real with yourself and ask yourself these questions below to figure out your goals!

  1. Am I looking to get healthier, build muscle, lose fat, what is my goal?
  2. Am I truly nourishing my body with whole real foods?
  3. Does the macro counting cause me stress, tracking every food I eat?
  4. Do I understand my bodies signals of hunger and am I fueling it?

If you are interested in more info, or are wondering how to get off the counting train but don’t know what to do next send me an email @ and we can chat options!



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BL Weekly Dinner Menu & Meal Prepping

Happy Sunday, I hope your weekend has been as relaxing and enjoyable as it could possibly be! I whipped up a few dinner recipes for you guys so when you head out to the grocery store today you have a few healthy options to choose from. Going into the grocery store with no plans of what to make for dinner can lead to bad choices {frozen pizza, precooked chicken, & boring old pasta with sauce} so I hope these PDFs are helping you plan out your meals and stick to healthier options.

While I was creating this weeks menu I thought about how much meal prepping has saved me time and energy during the week, and since it is a new year and I know a lot of you are trying to get on a healthier track I thought why not give you a little meal prep 101. So below as always there is the Dinner PDF for this week, but also a few tips to meal prepping {what to prep, how, when, how much}. Enjoy!

Download & print off HERE

Download & print off HERE


Meal Prepping 101
  1. Buy & cook in bulk: On a normal week I buy 2 lbs of chicken, 1 bag of carrots, 1 bag of brussel sprouts and 1 carton of eggs {just for hard boiling}. I then cook all these up on a Sunday so I have them on hand for the rest of the week. So now I know throughout the week I have chicken for salads, veggies to add to any recipe & hard boiled eggs if I’m feeling lazy in the morning. I buy in bulk so I know I won’t run out of staples throughout the week.
  2. Make it meal staples: When I think about my week ahead {in meals} I know that I will need the necessary nutrients to get me through each day, but when I think about meal prepping I think about what are the necessary nutrient dense foods that take me the longest to make. Think Chicken, eggs, veggies etc. What are the things you want to have on hand to add to or base any meal around but don’t want to wait to cook up every night/ meal. Chicken is easy to add to a salad, burrito bowl, sandwich, etc. Roasted veggies you can eat by themselves or add to a rice bowl, salad, on the side with dinner. I also am a huge lover of eggs in the morning because of the nice amount of protein they offer but sometimes and am too lazy to cook them. These are breakfast staples for me and if I already have some hardboiled cooked, I know I will choose healthy over a lame bowl of cereal that doesn’t really offer me much in the nutrients department.
  3. Prep it all on one day: I usually make Sunday my prepping day because I don’t want to fuss with any prepping throughout the week. Take this last week for example, I prepped on Sunday and then on Wednesday when Chris and I both had crazy schedules we knew there was Chicken all ready for dinner and all we had to do was cook some rice and throw together a quick salad. Meal prepping makes life so much easier!
  4. Start small: I know I said buy in bulk above but if you aren’t sure of your schedule one week, or are just starting out meal prepping take one food group and prep all of those ingredients you would want for the week. Example: buy your fruits and veggies for the week. Cut up your fruits and store them in a tupperware and cut and roast your veggies so you know you have those.

Happy meal prepping!



BL Weekly Dinner Menu Crockpot Edition

Hi guys! Happy Holidays! I just wanted to check in real quick from Chris and I’s ski trip with my family to give you guys  2 post holiday dinner PDFs that will make this weeks dinners as painless and delicious as possible. I know the last thing we all want to do is cook after the holiday feasts we prepared for family/ friends so I have added 3 dinners that use my favorite time saver, the crockpot!

These dinners take under 10 minutes to assemble & are done in 3-6 hrs of cook time while you enjoy a ski day with friends or an afternoon of returning christmas gifts that weren’t the right size 😑 {So annoying when you just want to throw on your new threads, I feel you!}. As always enjoy your week and let me know how your dinners come out by tagging me on Instagram @blissfullylively. I love seeing when you guys utilize the recipes & PDFs.

Bl Crockpot dinner ingredients

{Click HERE to download the Ingredients PDF}

BL Crockpot Dinner Directions PDF

{Click HERE to download the Directions PDF}

Below I have added a large & small crockpot and a few of my favorite cookbooks. I currently have the small crockpot & I wish I had bought the larger one so I could make leftovers. The size of the crockpot basically just depends on how much food you can fit into it. I normally can get 4 servings out of whatever I am making in the small crockpot. I added Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook because I have heard amazing things about it, & Taylor Riggs fellow wellness blogger & delicious recipe creators new cookbook “Real Food, Real Simple” I preordered it back in August and it is out for shipment. I can’t wait to get it and start cooking up a storm.



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Why I Call A “Cheat Meal” An Indulgence & How This Will Better Your Health Journey

I can’t stand the term “cheat meal” I know thats a bit crazy but I really can’t stand it one bit. Before you even do anything the term already gives off a negative connotation, basically before you pick up one piece of food you have already told yourself you’re doing something bad, breaking a promise, falling off track, cracking, ETC!

How are you supposed to keep on a positive sustainable health journey when every weekend or specified day of the week you’re “falling off the wagon”, “Cheating”?? How is your mind not supposed to think this is bad or negative when you call it a “cheat meal”? Which normally turns into peoples “cheat day”!

BL Cheat Meal

I truthfully believe what you say and think alters your life decisions and what you put out into the world is what you will get back. So for instance if you eat clean all week long depriving yourself of any cravings and waiting for you cheat meal/ day and then binge your face off in any sweet, salty, greasy meal on say Sunday then when Monday comes around your mouth is legit salivating and your brain is triggering all of these crazy binge thoughts from yesterdays gross feast. Which you then have to ward off and be miserable for the rest of the week just waiting for your cheat day to come around again and {sadly} you will most likely cheat again throughout that week while waiting for Sunday to come around because who wouldn’t want another piece of loaded pizza from Sunday nights binge fest.


So now on to the little fix I have for you all…


Instead refer to it as indulging you’re indulging in a christmas cookie after dinner, or splitting a waffle at brunch with all the toppings because you simply want to indulge on the side of your omelette w/ all the veggies. You’re allowing yourself a small indulgence daily, you’re allowing yourself to “enjoy the pleasure of” a snack or treat every day because as I always say “slow and steady wins the race”. If you give in to your cravings in small manageable ways you are more likely to continue on a healthy track, than binging your weekends away only to “have to” get back on your healthy eating schedule on Monday.

You are treating your healthy eating as a lifestyle as a way of nourishing your body with the best nutrients and foods possible because you think it is best for yourself not because you have to in order to have a cheat meal! Everything in moderation is always better than a binge meal or day! Try flipping this thought in your brain and working on more moderation and let me know how it goes!



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