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Ep3 The Social Media Comparison Game

HU Podcast

We’re back and chatting about our beloved topic, social media!

Caitlin & I received an amazing question from one of our readers Kenzie asking us how we overcome the comparison game on Instagram and to chat about the danger of it with followers, likes, transformations etc. We dove head first into chatting all about our experiences and struggles with comparisons, how to realize you’re doing it, and how to pull yourself out of this social media trap. Listen in for a more in-depth conversation on how Caitlin and I stray away from this type of thinking, and a few tips to help you do so! As always please subscribe & rate the podcast on iTunes and if you have any questions you would like to submit you can do so in the comments below, through email or on Instagram @blissfullylively & @caitlincuriosity.

Honestly Uncensored Ep 3




Ep2 Calling Out Fad Diets & ‘Get Fit Quick’ Schemes

HU Podcast

hey, hey, hey 👋🏻

We’re getting a bit heated in this weeks podcast topic, fad diets & ‘get fit quick’ schemes. We all know them, the “communities” aka cults of untrained fitness coaches that sign you up for their month long programs or outrageously expensive shakes and lure you in with before & afters/ luxury resort vacations for selling their product and promise month long insane results? Can anyone relate?

Caitlin and I dive deep into why we think these programs are hurting more than helping, how to tell if you are involved in one & what to do instead!

Give it a listen & let us know what you think in the comments below, through email @ or on Instagram @blissfullylively & @caitlincuriosity.

Honestly Uncensored Podcast Ep 2



Honestly Uncensored Podcast EP1!

HU Podcast

Hi guys! Welcome to the Honestly Uncensored Podcast! Caitlin wellness/ nutrition coach over @caitlincuriosity and myself have come together to create a weekly podcast on all things wellness. We will be chatting about fitness, health, nutrition, mindsets, you name it to help you live your healthiest and happiest life. We wanted to create this space as a nonjudgmental community of likeminded fit girls on a mission to better their lives. We love taking your Q’s and hearing your experiences so please send any and all to, leave them here on the blog or through Instagram direct message.

I will be recapping each podcast here on the blog every Wednesday and it will air live on iTunes! Don’t forget to subscribe and rate the podcast as well. We love your feedback!



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