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Ep15 Let’s Talk About Therapy

EP15 gets real AF.

Caitlin and I chat all about our experiences with Therapy in order to help others who may be going through tough times or struggles. Therapy is something that has such a negative stigma around it, is so personal but also is incredibly helpful which is why we want to chat about it often, sharing our personal journey with it in order to help someone else & end the stigma.

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*update to this post: THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR FEEDBACK…I am incredibly shocked by the amazing outpour of love through Instagram & personal messages of people sharing their own therapy experiences, and writing Caitlin and I such nice things about us being so vulnerable to share. We love you guys!




Ep14 Date Yo Self

HIII Babes! In this weeks Ep of HU Caitlin and I chit chat all about the social stigma we place around doing things solo, and how important it is so carve out time for yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship, single or somewhere in between this applies to all you ladies! We need to put self care at the top of our priority list. Check out the episode below & leave us any comments or Q’s here.


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EP13 Interview with Raya On Assignment

We are back in action after taking a week off from the podcast! And we are kicking it off with a bang! We interview Raya photographer of @Rayaonassignment, friend and fellow badass babe all about taking the leap and starting her business, why creating genuine connection is so damn important & any advice she would give others starting out! Raya is a gem, one of a kind heartfelt person who radiates such good vibes and light into this world. We love her and couldn’t have been more excited to sit down and chat honestly with her.


BL Raya

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Ep12 Wedding on a Budget

In this weeks Ep of the podcast Caitlin & I go a bit more lifestyle! With my wedding less than 3 months away and Chris and I on a super tight budget we thought that this would make the perfect podcast episode.

We chat about what to do the moment you get engaged, how long you should save before a wedding & how to cut out the unnecessary quarrels between you and your fiance, family & friends.

There are so many painstaking purchases to be made regarding a wedding and we break it down for you to make it so much simpler, because truthfully it’s about the love you have for your fiance, not the flowers or cake…right?

HU Podcast

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EP 10 Wellness on a Budget

In this weeks Episode of Honestly Uncensored Caitlin and I chat all about our most dreaded comment…

“I can’t eat healthy, workout, etc. cause I don’t have time, money. {insert any excuse ever} etc.”

Caitlin and I tackle this comment and give you all the tips to wellness on a budget. Talking our favorite ways to pinch pennies at the grocery store {cause lets be honest we ain’t rollin’ in the dough} to the “start slow” mentality.

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Episode Q: What is one way your like to practice wellness on a budget?

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Ep 9 Be Your Own Cheerleader


Happy hump day! As always we’ve got a new podcast coming’ at ya all about how to block out the nay sayers, ignore the little voice inside your head telling you you can’t & tons of ways to harness being your own cheerleader and motivator!

Ep 7 Eating Disorder Struggles

Fair warning: We get a bit emotional in this episode!

i interview Caitlin all about her past struggles with anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia giving you guys an inside look into her struggles and how she’s overcome them through cutting out toxic relationships and focusing on self love daily.

EP5 Speed Dating Your Hosts Lauren & Caitlin

It’s time for a switch up!

Caitlin & I wanted to add a bit more fun into the podcast this week {i mean when is it not fun, but we wanted to add some more laughs} so we decided to ask each other 10 Q’s lightening round/ speed dating style.