How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine

I recently started sharing my morning routine on Instagram and immediately you guys began asking me for more info. Because of such a large amount of Q’s I decided to make it into one blog post where you can find all the info on how to start your day off as stress free as possible.

Self Love Isn’t Selfish!

This topic has been something that i’ve been meaning to write about for a while but couldn’t find the right words. Aka I needed to take some time to cool off a bit and think on it before I wrote a crazy rant that had people emailing saying “LAUREN ARE YOU OK?” 🙊

Ep14 Date Yo Self

HIII Babes! In this weeks Ep of HU Caitlin and I chit chat all about the social stigma we place around doing things solo, and how important it is so carve out time for yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship, single or somewhere in between this applies to all you ladies!