Woah it feels like deja vu writing this post, considering I’ve posted about both the BL Wellness Philosophy and the BL Fitness Philosophy in the last few weeks. If you guys didn’t read those yet go check them out and if you didn’t know there will be two more of these philosophy posts coming up. Including the mindfulness philosophy and a philosophy recap post putting together all of the philosophies in one place and explaining how they all connect!

I decided to write these BL philosophy posts to give you guys the gist on what I believe in and what you will find here on BL going forward. After all of these philosophy posts are out there I will begin breaking them down starting with the fitness posts. I will give you guys an in depth look at how I program my workouts giving you knowledge to program your own by using BL as a resource. I will also give you guys a look into how I plan out my meals, what I eat weekly, how I prep, basically your guide to eating right!

I will also breakdown the mindfulness philosophy into manageable tips to help you give back, cherish your time away from social media, and help you be more present in everyday life. Basically your wellness wants all in one place! I just want to add that we are all a work in progress. and while everyones wellness goals are unique my hope is that these philosophies will serve as some knowledge and inspiration to help others.

Ok, so now that I’ve given you guys another little overview why not hop right into the Nutrition Philosophy!


The bottom line with nutrition is balance coupled with whole real foods. I think that preparing and eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, lean proteins, etc. is what your body needs and will thrive off of.

I also encourage cutting back on the sugar intake/packaged salty snacks which means processed sugars such as candy, ice cream, cakes and salty boxed snacks such as chips, cheeze-its, goldfish, pretzels, etc! With that said I believe in a little thing called…


and want people to wholeheartedly realize that this is a lifestyle i’m promoting so treating it as such is necessary!

In everyday life we have cravings for things that might not be super healthy such as the sweets listed above and that’s ok to give in to those cravings once in a while but always sticking to the rule of 80/20… 80 percent of the time eating whole foods that you should and 20 percent of the time eating foods you want or {cravings} . Of course over time that 20 percent starts to shrink because as you eat good foods {80 percent of the time} your body wants more of it. The bottom line is If you go out to dinner with a friend and split a chocolate tort. I want you guys to know that that’s ok. Where it becomes a problem is when you are splitting a chocolate tort. every single night! and never resetting to think on your nutrition habits.

And by resetting I mean thinking about what you are eating/ doing for exercise and putting yourself back on a healthy and motivated path fueled by whole foods and strength workouts!

I know this was a lot of nutrition information to digest, but here are a few main take aways to get your started & be on the lookout for more posts to break this down further.

  • Cook most meals at home
  • Eat mostly real whole foods {foods with only one ingredient…banana, chicken, almonds, etc.}
  • Follow the 80/20 rule
  • Drink more water, most people don’t drink enough!



Feelin’ like you need to start from the beginning? Take a peek at the Blissfully Lively Wellness Philosophy.