It’s finally here…THE LAST BL PHILOSOPHY! and as always i’ve got to save the best for last. Mindfulness!

Now some of you may be wondering “what in the hell is mindfulness and why do I care?” Right? Well just stick with me through this post and hopefully you will catch the good vibes and pass it on!

Mindfulness to me is really 2 things, giving back and being present. Present in every moment & every word you say. Doing good for others not because you feel like you should but because you want to, because giving back sparks happiness inside yourself and resonates with you.

I initially learned about mindfulness in a Womens studies class in college {the one thing I learned and class I loved out of all the $ I spent on college, but that’s a conversation for another day}. My professor was a fantastic English middle aged women who had an outlook on life I will never forget. She valued other people opinions, donated her time {not just money} to multiple charities, and filled every room, classroom etc. she walked into with good vibes and positivity. She was basically my spirit animal at a time in my life that was outrageously stressful.

BL Mindfullness Philosophy

Her philosophies were “do good and good will come back to you” and “be mindful”. Both of those quotes very loaded and can be interpreted in many ways (or however you perceive them). She had us reading books like “The World We Have” by Thich Nhat Hanh on peace and ecology and Being Peace another Thich Nhat Hanh best seller. I share her philosophies and education with you guys because she really sparked me to begin thinking about giving back and how important this is in your overall wellbeing.

I decided to add mindfulness to the overall BL wellness philosophy because without being able to truly love yourself working out, fitness, eating right etc, won’t do a thing for you. You may look in shape or visually appealing but none of the looks matter if you don’t love who you are. And I think just like striving to become healthier or look my best I will always strive to be my best. A well rounded whole person.

When I say be my best or be mindful I don’t mean just donating a sum of money to a charity and calling it a day { although that is an amazing contribution} I mean actually being present and doing for others as you would wish someone would do for you. These are things that can be practiced daily, let me give you a few ideas:

  • Holding the door for someone
  • Commenting that someone looks beautiful, handsome, etc.
  • Taking an extra second to think before you speak
  • Paying for the person behind you in the Starbucks line
  • Looking someone in the eyes and saying thank you and truly meaning it. {aka be present and look up from your phone when you are cashing out, purchasing something, being waited on at a restaurant,etc.}
  • Sending a text to a friend who is having a rough time, year, day, etc. and just letting them know you are thinking of them.
  • Volunteering your time at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, ETC!
  • If you have the funds donating something to a friend, cause, etc. in need.

Mindfulness Philosophy

There are so many ways to be mindful, present and to giveback in this world and I think we think of it as a burden because we think of it as an all or nothing approach. We feel like we need to move mountains when in all reality we just need to smile at someone and be genuine. Put down our phones and be in the moment. Tell a lady at the gym you love her tank top, she’s killing it, ETC! Come out of our own little bubble for a moment and GIVE.

I hope this bit of mindfulness talk inspires you to do a little extra today whether it’s for ones you love, a stranger as you’re walking out of the grocery store, or working on yourself! Below I have left my favorite books that help me practice being mindful & love the life I’m creating {if you click them below they will take you straight to Amazon to purchase} and also will make a great holiday gift for yourself or a loved one!



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