This killer workout has been a long time coming because if you guys follow on Instagram you know, as I was editing the video it was completely erased from my iMovie only to be found in the archive files a week later! #WINNING {do people still say that?} 🙄

Fair warning this workout was sneakily difficult and I know so because if you guys didn’t know I complete every one of the workouts that I post here, just so that I can feel the pain with you!

I was in need of a serious high intensity workout from being cooped up on our plane ride home from Florida and not working out all weekend as Chris and I were on a little mini vacation. So this workout definitely gets your heart rate up with burpees, box jumps and jumping split squats.  YOU’RE WELCOME!

Let me know how you like it in the comments below or on Instagram!

As always start this killer workout with a little movement, rolling & some light stretching…Check out my fav. stretching sequence here for some ideas.

ALSO: Any and all exercises can be modified. If you can’t complete the burpee to pull up switch it out for a regular burpee or even a modified burpee. If you can’t complete the kneeling box jumps just complete regular box jumps! I always want to give you guys the opportunity to challenge yourself but make sure you know modifications are OK! and to take everything at your own pace.