It feels like this post has been a looooong time coming considering i’ve been working on releasing this for months. I’ve been studying and putting together a plan based on all of your frequently voiced concerns and my love for all-natural whole foods.

The number one concern I kept hearing:

“I just don’t have enough TIME”

I would hear it left and right, from working moms or dads, friends who are running from job to job or even people who just don’t know where to begin with their wellness journey so they use the “I don’t have time” excuse.

We’ve all been there!

I have always wanted to help people starting out on their health and wellness journey, which is why I started the blog. Over time, I realized I wanted to take my love for healthy recipes and knowledge of how food fuels your body and turn it into more than just words and pictures on a screen.

BL Meal Prep & Nutrition Coaching

My love for nutrition and specifically crafting up recipes really solidified when I started cooking meals for a family friend who just didn’t have the time in her schedule to provide her family with healthy options.

The more I created personalized meal plans for her family the more I realized that food truly is the one thing that we can control to live healthier lives.

The food that we consume is what our bodies run off of so why not fuel it with the most nourishing foods we can?

What really struck me was that some people just don’t know where to begin. They want to get healthier, feel more confident or even just eat foods that make them feel good but either don’t have the time or the resources.

Here’s where the light bulb went off. I’m thrilled to finally announce the official launch of  Blissfully Lively In-Home Meal Preparation and Nutrition Coaching. Here’s a little more info on what you can expect with each service.

BL In-Home Meal Preparation

A personalized meal plan crafted to your specific dietary needs and restrictions and prepped right in your own home weekly. We also offer kitchen/ pantry clean out and grocery shopping for the highest quality whole foods to help you thrive.

BL Nutrition Coaching

One of one support guiding you on your wellness journey. We help you establish goals and create a plan for you to meet them. Skype calls, weekly grocery lists & weekly check in’s also accompany this service…and you get access to all of the BL recipes that are on the blog {new ones weekly} to help you create lasting sustainable change in your life.


And don’t worry, the blog will continue to be updated with delicious recipes, motivational interviews and weekly workouts.

Want to learn more about our Mission? Check it out here!

In need of a little help on your wellness journey? Contact us and lets get started!